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Are customers planning to stay long-term? Are buyers looking to this solution today when faced with a decision point? Does this solution really solve today’s problems? Does the company fingerprint map to previous success? Whether you’re an institutional investor, a financial sponsor, or leading corporate development/M&A efforts for your company, we can bring insight to your decision.

For nearly two decades KLAS’ mission has been to improve healthcare by measuring customer success with technology companies and services firms. KLAS has witnessed many healthcare-related investments, mergers, and acquisitions that underwhelmed the healthcare professional community (and likely disappointed investors as well) along with those that put great solutions into the hands of more health systems. We are excited to help real investment go to great solutions that will improve healthcare (and not just drive short-term profit).

Through the lens of our healthcare organizational partners, KLAS’ investment services team evaluates the current success of healthcare technology and services companies along with projected future success through the KLAS Fingerprint. This tool is a result of years of research by our KLAS analysts around which key factors drive provider success and vendor retention.

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M&A Advisory Services


Market Analysis & Insights

  • Senior analysts who specialize in healthcare market research, drawing on 17 years of trends
  • Market analysis on hundreds of healthcare technology companies, products, and services

Opportunity Identification Tools

  • Target Prospectus
  • Market Audit
  • Product Summary
  • Performance Leadership Report
  • Net Promoter Score

Due Diligence

  • In-Depth Company, Competitor and Market Analysis
  • KLAS Technical Analysis
  • Revenue Attrition Modeling
  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • Deep Consumer Insight
  • Additional/Specialized Customer Survey
  • ​Other Services

Post-Acquisition Support

  • Continued KLAS consulting and research services designed to help healthcare technology vendors deliver at the highest level after acquisition

Institutional Investor Services


Market Analysis & Insights on MDRX, QSII, CERN, ATHN, NUAN, MDAS, PINC, EVH, CPSI & Others

  • Senior analysts with thousands of hours of in healthcare market research
  • Market analysis on hundreds of healthcare technology companies, products and services. Includes both vendor performance and market perception.

Access to KLAS Online Analysis

  • KLAS quarterly investor HCIT update calls
  • Semi-annual Best in KLAS reports
  • 50+ market drill-down reports annually



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