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Every year, tens of thousands of healthcare professionals share their experiences with KLAS about the solutions they use. A diverse group of professionals from clinical, financial, IT leadership and C-suite executives offer their time for in-depth interviews with the KLAS research team. We speak daily with a wide range of organizations from large IDNs and health plans to homecare agencies and single physician practices and everything in between. 

Providers and IT professionals just like you rely on the transparency of their peers' voices to uncover hard-to-get facts that break through ​the marketing and get to the real story.

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Peer Comments

Get the Real Story

Wouldn’t you love to know what worked, what didn’t, and what your peers would’ve done differently? How about knowing what they would recommend to others making similar decisions?

Every day, others like you voice their experiences and best practices ​to KLAS about a wide range of healthcare technology solutions. Our unbiased position gives the providers a safe place to share their behind-closed-doors, honest feedback. These comments and insights are published anonymously on our website to give you the clarity you need to make better decisions.

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Performance Scores

Am I Making the Right Choice?

You’ve been tasked with leading the selection of a new solution for your organization. There are established players and newcomers in the market to evaluate. Everyone is telling you they’ve got the best solution. Even your board members are picking favorites. Wouldn’t it be nice to have real data from real people ​who have made real decisions? 

Thanks to you and your peers' voices, KLAS aggregates the ratings from more than 30,000 users on hundreds of products and services to give you real-time insights and trends ​on actual vendor performance.


Industry & Vendor Trends

How Is My Solution Performing?

Do you wonder ​whether your vendor is getting better or worse with each update​ or whether it's time to switch? Or ​do you need to know if a market is mature enough for you to make a safe selection?

The experiences of the tens of thousands of diverse healthcare professionals ​who have engaged with KLAS for almost 20 years provide you with a resource for monitoring industry and vendor-specific trends year over year.

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