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What is Best in KLAS?


Personal Interviews

Over 16,000 person-to-person interviews during the course of the year provide the data for this year’s Best in KLAS Software & Services report.

Rigorous Quality

Robust algorithms and trained professionals examine each interview for accuracy and bias. If any bias or inconsistencies are found, the data is thrown out.

Industry Experts

KLAS researchers, analysts, and industry experts come together to compile all the data collected from healthcare professionals and identify key trends and insights.

Powerful Insights

Yearly trending data and in-depth product indicators come together to provide healthcare professionals and vendors with accurate rankings of HIT solutions.

Broad Scope

The Best in KLAS Software and Services report contains data from decision makers and users of HIT solutions in almost ​100 market segments and categories.


This comes together in
201​7 Best in KLAS

Providing the HIT industry with accurate provider perspectives on the solutions they use. Thousands of healthcare professionals and vendors rely upon the Best in KLAS report each year to help make better decisions and improve the world’s healthcare. Healthcare professionals may receive access to all the Best In KLAS data and the report executive summary simply by creating a KLAS account.


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