Celebrating Improvement with KLAS Arch Collaborative Awards - Cover

Celebrating Improvement with KLAS Arch Collaborative Awards

We are thrilled to announce our first-ever KLAS Arch Collaborative Awards, given last night at our inaugural Awards Show during the Arch Learning Summit. See all the winners here and read on to learn more about these unique awards.

Points to Know

  • The mission of the Arch Collaborative is to raise the bar for EHR clinician experience worldwide, and the awards celebrate the incredibly hard work of making the EHR experience better.
  • The Arch Collaborative EHR Experience Pinnacle Award honors participating organizations who have shown us what is possible. Qualifying organizations must have a Net EHR Experience Score (NEES) of 75.0 for nurses, or a NEES of 60.0 for physicians. To put this in context, the average nurse NEES is 47.3 (n=113,045) and the average physician NEES is 23.4 (n=53,037).
  • The Arch Collaborative EHR Experience Breakthrough Recognition honors any participating organization whose NEES has increased by at least 15 points between measurements. This can also be earned for physicians’ or nurses’ scores.
  • These first 2024 awards include members from any time of participation in the Collaborative. In the future, organizations can annually qualify for the Pinnacle Award and Breakthrough Recognition as they measure their clinician experience.

Why Give Arch Collaborative Awards?

We have three main reasons for starting these awards:

First, the level of excellence that some of these healthcare organizations have been able to attain is inspiring, and it is high time we celebrated them. It’s been a rough four years for healthcare, and the awards are a great chance for healthcare to smile.

To put this accomplishment in perspective, NEES is equivalent to the Net Promoter Score (NPS) used in other industries. In both methods, it isn’t just about getting a high percentage of people to agree. Scores are instead calculated by subtracting detractors’ scores from promoters’ scores. Everyone has detractors, so it can be tough, but several organizations are proving that it is possible to have happy physicians and nurses.

That leads us to the second reason: the awards shine a light on and recognize the incredible work of healthcare organizations who are moving the needle and making things better for their clinicians. Everyone starts at different places, but we are seeing improvement happen across the Arch Collaborative. It is abundantly clear that improvement does not just happen—improvement is intentional. Hopefully, these awards are a message even to those outside of the Collaborative that they can make changes, big or small, to help their teams.

And third, our main goal is to raise the bar for clinician experience worldwide as organizations in the Arch Collaborative strive to keep improving over time.

Awards for Improvement—Not Competition

The Arch Collaborative is not a competition. Rather, the awards are an opportunity to celebrate the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to make improvements. If you go back, you’ll see that many of those who have moved the needle did so by leveraging learnings from others.

And while these awards celebrate the healthcare organizations’ work, we are also amazed by all the EHR and third-party vendors and firms that are part of the effort. We have seen a shift in vendors now engaging with Arch Collaborative data and taking it very seriously. They have a significant part to play here, too.

Dr Amy Maneker, the CMIO of the Arch Collaborative, put it best during her keynote at the awards night. She told the audience: “I want to make it clear—the goal is not to create competition in the Arch Collaborative—that is not the spirit of these awards. Instead, we aim to encourage all members to consistently improve over time and continue to work together.

After all, the success of the Arch Collaborative is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared learning. When organizations come together to share their challenges and solutions, they create a community of practice that benefits everyone. This spirit of collaboration is what makes the Arch Collaborative unique and effective. As we move forward, let’s continue to foster this environment of mutual support and continuous improvement.”

Continue Moving Forward and Up

Improving the EHR experience is a process of applying principles, changing culture as an organization, and growing, and all of that can be hard to keep up. The Pinnacle Award and Breakthrough Recognition give Arch Collaborative members mile markers along the path of improvement. For this reason, the awards are going to be awarded annually; organizations can qualify for both the Pinnacle Award and the Breakthrough Recognition as they measure each year.

Moving forward, the KLAS Arch Collaborative intends to do more to give organizations something to work toward and continue to raise the bar. Keep an eye out for that in the future! In the meantime, there are some easy lifts any organization can do to keep moving, and we recommend you take a look at our recent report on that topic.