Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in June - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in June

In June, KLAS published several reports designed to help providers tackle current challenges in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Specifically, this month’s reports offer guidance for providers looking to move imaging solutions to the cloud, improve pharmacy purchasing, increase efficiency with digital rounding, and satisfy a broadening healthcare experience market. Notably, KLAS’ previous Patient Experience Improvement market segment will soon be changed to the Healthcare Experience Management market segment to reflect the needs of all healthcare stakeholders.

KLAS also published an Arch Collaborative case study about how one organization overcame their learning management challenges and three Emerging Insights reports about a new pathology platform, a new time-tracking solution, and a new RPM tool.

Healthcare IT Insights Reports (Segment Insights)

1. Imaging in the Cloud 2024: Which Vendors are Perceived as Ready for the Cloud?

The majority of the healthcare imaging market in the US is moving to the cloud, and providers are looking for vendors who can provide successful migrations and strategic guidance. This report provides customer perceptions of their vendors’ readiness for the cloud along with the current state of cloud adoption.

2. Pharmacy Purchasing Optimization Analytics 2024: An Initial Look at Performance & Capabilities

As organizations optimize their digital processes, they are looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency, especially in the pharmacy area with purchasing optimization analytics solutions. This report examines satisfaction with vendors in this area as well as outcomes and functionality.

3. Digital Rounding 2024: How Well Do Solutions Increase Efficiency for Nurses?

Digital rounding solutions help providers gain visibility into patient needs and increase efficiency in nursing workflows. Following the COVID-19 slowdown in adoption of digital rounding solutions, the adoption rate is now increasing once again. This report evaluates the strength of digital rounding vendors in terms of partnership, technology, and training to support provider outcomes.

4. Healthcare Experience Management 2024: Improving the Healthcare Experience for More than Just Patients

The patient experience market is broadening to include the experiences of other stakeholders, such as family members, caregivers, employees, clinicians, and potential consumers and patients. This report takes a holistic view on healthcare experience management and examines customer feedback on how well vendors are improving the experience of all healthcare stakeholders.

Arch Collaborative

Case Studies

KLAS’ Arch Collaborative helps healthcare organizations work together to improve their EHR experiences. These case studies present real-world success stories from Arch Collaborative members along with key takeaways and lessons learned.

Partnering to Improve EHR Education & Trust in IT by Enabling Learning & Efficiency 2024

M Health Fairview faced challenges with multiple poorly integrated learning management systems. After partnering with uPerform, M Health Fairview saw enhanced operational efficiency and content distribution, improved utilization of learning materials, and improved satisfaction with the EHR and EHR education.

Emerging Insights Reports: Spotlights, First Looks, and Case Studies

KLAS’ Emerging Insights reports highlight new companies and technologies entering the market. This month, KLAS highlighted two new companies with a pathology platform and a time-tracking solution, respectively, designed to meet providers’ unique challenges. KLAS also presented a First Look report about a new RPM tool.

Emerging Company Spotlights

1. Proscia Concentriq 2024: Digital Pathology Software Aimed at Overcoming Diagnostic Challenges & Improving Lab Efficiency: An enterprise pathology platform designed to digitize labs, offer more efficient results with AI, and minimize the burdens of slow processes, limited data access, and staffing shortages.

2. Time Study 2024: Streamlining Time Tracking with Minimal Employee Disruption: A solution created to streamline time tracking, send alerts to providers, and encourage provider participation.

First Looks

Medical Guardian Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions 2024: Remote Patient Monitoring Hardware and Software Tools for Reduced Readmissions and Efficient Care: An RPM tool created by Medical Guardian in an effort to reduce readmissions and bridge gaps between patients and providers.

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