So I’ve been watching the World Cup. Actually let me amend that – I’ve been trying to watch the World Cup with, to be frank, less commitment than a New Year’s resolution.

For someone with the attention span of a gnat, soccer (known as football for the truly enlightened) is kind of a tough sport to watch. I think if they put a taser in the ball and if the ball didn’t get into the net every 15 minutes every player within 10 meters would get zapped into unconsciousness that might certainly spice up the match and make it a bit more appealing to the average Joe six-pack like me.

So how does this apply to healthcare technology? I’m not sure it does exactly but I was just on a conference call with a vendor that went on-and-on with endless canned phrases straight out of an MBA program and it reminded me of my feeble attempt of watching the World Cup.

Hold on Brazil just scored to break the 0-0 tie – GOAL!!!!!

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