Hospital Infrastructure (Road) Rage

We all know the feeling: You’re at your computer, speeding through multiple browser windows and files, when suddenly… the screen freezes. The YouTube video you tried to load while surfing through five web pages and a PowerPoint was just too much.

First, there is denial: “No way. This computer is supposed to be able to do graphic-editing stuff and it can’t handle this?”

Second, pleading: “C’mon, please work… I have to leave in 10 minutes. I learned my lesson.”

Third, yelling, insults and physical violence (no elaboration needed).

KLAS occasionally speaks with individuals who have had similar experiences dealing with their hospital systems and all the hardware that goes along with them. On the flip-side, we also talk with hospitals who absolutely love certain devices and system hardware.

We have just begun to dive into the world of hospital infrastructure to find out what technology really works and what makes people want to pull their hair out. We want to know from you providers what research would be most beneficial to you. So far, we have decided to research the following areas: Wireless Communications, Storage Environments, Computing Infrastructure/Cloud Computing, Virtualization, and Nurse Call Systems.

What are we missing?

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