Medicare RACs: Trick or Treat?

The waves of Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audits hitting healthcare providers are a bit like groups of very picky trick-or-treaters on Halloween night:

- They start coming at you like a trickle, but you know that eventually they are going to arrive in masses.

- You don’t know how many you’ll get or what they’ll look like but you think you’ve made adequate preparations to meet their very specific demands.

- Even though you have a good idea of what they want, how much they want and how they want you to give it to them, until they come to your door you have no idea whether they’ll like it or whether they’ll throw it back in your face.

For some providers, the first waves of trick-or-treaters have already knocked. Although KLAS is in the final stages of publishing a RAC solution perception study, we have spoken with numerous hospitals that have already used their commercial RAC solutions to take them through the audit process. So far, the results are mixed.

It’s too early to really assess how these solutions are performing. So this is a shout-out for all providers: what “flavor” of RAC solution did you choose, and what happened when the audits came knocking?

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