Raid and Chemo: Friend or Foe?

Recently I found a beetle in my home. It was large enough that I actually HEARD it running on the tile floor. After attempting to trap it with Tilex-soaked napkins (as I had no Raid) I spent the night in absolute fear for my life and jumping at any little noise.

The next day I could not stop imagining the huge black pest roving through my home as if it owned the place. That night I returned home armed with lemon-scented Raid. I found the beetle and he died shortly after a brief swim.

However, to err on the safe side, I then unloaded the entire can in my home. Operation successful — I went to sleep knowing the beetle was dead in a Ziploc bag. The next morning I awoke nauseated having slept in my 700 square-foot home breathing an entire bottle of toxic lemon-scented Raid.

Like Raid, oncology treatments of radiation and chemotherapy in controlled doses can be effective and safe, but mess up the dose and you’re in a deadly situation.

With so many potential risks involved in utilizing radiation and chemotherapy to treat patients, physicians absolutely need a solid product. What do you think is needed for a complete system? Is there a vendor who has the functionality that oncology demands?

KLAS is conducting an oncology study, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and needs.

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