Somebody Slap Me!

We haven’t done a lick of research on EMC yet, so I have no clue how well they do in healthcare, but I attended their conference last week for kicks and giggles. I wandered into the exhibitors section of the conference and was very surprised to see many of EMC’s key competitors exhibiting. Partners I understand, but competitors?! I kept looking around to see if I was at HIMSS or something!

I kept thinking if Epic would invite Cerner or Siemens welcome McKesson to their respective conferences and vice versa (then someone slapped me awake from my dream). So I asked one of EMC’s executives to clarify why they invite competitors to their conference. His reply was sublime: “You’ve been in healthcare a long time obviously. You can get away with being proprietary and exclusionary in healthcare but you can’t get away with it in other industries. In other industries you have to play ball with each other or you will get killed in the market, that’s just the way it is.”

To be fair, some healthcare-specific vendors have begun to work more with their competitors…a bit. I’ll blog about this at another time.

In any event, we’re going to start doing research on infrastructure and the vendors that provide it. Cast your votes now for what specific infrastructure solutions and vendors we should focus on first.

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