The Times are A-Changin'

The CIO of a large outpatient organization says, “As we go into healthcare reform, it is clear that we will have to partner with hospitals.” This is only one reaction to recent healthcare legislation which has prompted massive debate on its merits and consequences. Dylan said it best – the times, they are a-changin'.

Some physicians foresee longer patient wait times, while hospitals worry that overcrowding in the ED may become even worse. The media reports of extreme reactions in the industry – more practices not accepting Medicare/Medicaid, with a few converting to cash-only operations. And there is the nagging question that nobody seems able to answer: can reform actually change the equation of rising costs and falling reimbursements?

Now that the votes have been tallied and the enormous healthcare bill signed into law, how is your organization planning for the post-reform future? What impact will this legislation have on your hospitals and practices?

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