The KLAS Innovation Center Alliance brings together Innovation Centers and thought leaders to collaborate and advance the creation, adoption, and funding of the most useful and impactful innovative healthcare IT solutions.

What role can KLAS play that differentiates itself from the other valuable offerings?

With so much focus and so many conferences and organizations focusing on innovation, one may ask what role can KLAS play that differentiates itself from the other valuable offerings?

We believe KLAS brings two
strengths to the Innovation table:

Validation of performance by separating fact from fiction

Bringing different parties together to collaborate &share best practices

As a member of the Innovation Center Alliance, you will receive the following benefits:

Access to Research, Insights, and Analysts

To help you separate fact from fiction, KLAS provides online market research and insights with vendor-performance data and customer commentary, access to KLAS experts to discuss emerging technology or IC strategies, and KLAS etech Insight reports. etech Insight reports provide emerging HCIT company digests with the most mentioned disruptive or innovative companies, First Look articles, and Emerging Technology Spotlights.

KLAS Spotlight on One of Your Commercial Solutions

KLAS will create a Spotlight report on one of your commercial products once per year. This has the potential to increase market recognition. Not ready for a spotlight? KLAS also offers half-day consultations on how either successfully support and maintain a solution to external customers or to provide a market analysis of competitors and trends in an area of key interest that KLAS covers.

Finding Customers, Partners & Solutions

Whether you are developing a solution for seeking additional customers, looking for partners, or looking for a solution that you would rather acquire than build, KLAS will help facilitate conversations with other innovation centers to match those looking for additional customers with others looking to be an early customer.

Innovation Center Member Profiles and Collaboration Website

With a member profile, you can network and collaborate more easily with other innovation centers that match certain criteria, including budgets, governance, and staffing. The collaboration website is a directory that helps connect US innovation centers with organizations that are looking for solutions to the same problems and with other innovation centers to potentially partner with.

Quarterly Collaborative Forums

To drive awareness and collaboration around common challenges, best practices, projects, and solutions, KLAS will hold quarterly touch points and networking opportunities via conference calls and webinars.

Two Seats to KLAS Innovation Center Alliance Summit/DHIS

Enjoy two free seats at our KLAS Innovation Center Alliance Summit and the accompanying Digital Health Investment Symposium.

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