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Global Market Share 2016

Global Market Share 2016
Which Vendors Are Leading the Charge?

Authored by: Jeremy Goff & Jon Christensen March 30, 2016 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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In 2015, due to a struggling global economy, total acute care EMR purchasing outside the United States fell by half. Despite these troubled economic waters, provider interest in EMRs has not dropped, and a number still chose a new EMR for their facilities. Providers frequently ask KLAS about EMR market energy. This report will answer questions regarding which vendors providers chose most (wins) and how this compares to previous years. This report examines these questions in multiple regions across the globe.

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Cerner and InterSystems followed a successful 2014 with a solid albeit, slower year in 2015 relative to other multi-regional vendors. Cerner was often picked by larger, multihospital organizations and is the preferred vendor in a couple of other decisions awaiting finalization. Providers initially consider Cerner for their expansive market presence and point to Cerner’s robust functionality, coupled with their flexible deployment and pricing, as the deciding factor in many final selections. InterSystems continues to be an attractive option for their competitive pricing, value, and speed of implementation. Other, regional vendors remain strong. MV leads in small hospitals among providers in Brazil, despite poor economic conditions. Providers in mainland Europe continue to select Agfa HealthCare (in DACH countries) and ChipSoft (in the Netherlands) as their go-to vendors.

2015 contracts and new hospital wins


Many organizations consider Epic but later rule them out due to funding constraints or the realization that their size, funding, or culture do not fit the Epic profile. One of two highly considered vendors, Epic has experienced slow growth—several large decisions have been delayed because of long contracting and/ or legal processes. Additionally, the more price sensitive global market has been less receptive to Epic than the U.S. market. In several regions, negative market perceptions have dampened some organizations’ interest and drive to select Epic, though providers that KLAS has interviewed do not share these same concerns.

consideration vs contracts


For multiple reasons, InterSystems’ new hospital wins have declined considerably since 2012/2013. First, having overextended themselves in previous years in Europe, InterSystems has successfully shifted their focus toward improving relationships with current customers. Multiple European providers report that InterSystems has pulled out of or not participated in bids due to resource constraints. Second, more vendors have entered the price-sensitive market, creating additional competition. The Dutch and German HIT markets were largely insulated from economic impacts, and so local, regional vendors ChipSoft and Agfa HealthCare saw positive growth.

year over year new hospital wins


UK providers spread their decisions nearly equally among six different vendors, leaving the UK a wide-open, competitive market. In 2015, smaller organizations selected the less robust IMS MAXIMS, CSC, and System C, often due to their lower price points; Allscripts’, Cerner’s, and InterSystems’ more robust offerings were each selected by several larger organizations. In mainland Europe, providers generally looked to regional vendors; Agfa HealthCare (in DACH countries) and ChipSoft (in the Netherlands) were largely able to defend their home soil against multi-regional vendors. Providers in these areas look to local vendors as their primary option due to their large local presence and high trust.

uk vs mainland europe

estimated global market share
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