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Healthcare IT Advisory Services 2016

Healthcare IT Advisory Services 2016
The Experience Factor

Authored by: Warren Whitford and Lois Krotz June 2016 | Read Time: 2 minutes

The demand for consulting services continues to rise as healthcare IT systems get more complex, regulations increase, and interoperability becomes more imperative. Providers can identify the firm with the best fit for their needs by 1) considering how the depth and breadth of firms’ service offerings match their project needs; 2) considering firms’ overall performance and scope of services; 3) analyzing which firms demonstrate strong performance on metrics critical to project success; and 4) examining how firms’ ability to deliver tangible benefits intersects with key project requirements.

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  1. PwC, Impact Advisors, Leidos Health, Chartis Group, and Deloitte Consulting Offer a Proven Breadth of Services and Depth of Experience
  2. Impact Advisors and MedSys Group Lead in Overall Performance; Dell, Accenture, Cornerstone Advisors, and Cerner Perform Lowest
  3. Jacobus, Kurt Salmon, and Falcon Consulting Excel in Critical Metrics; Dell Continues to Struggle
  4. Tangible Benefits: Impact Advisors Delivers Across the Board; McKinnis Excels in Delivering Financial Outcomes
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