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Who Should Be On Your 340B Speed Dial?

Who Should Be On Your 340B Speed Dial?
340B HRSA Audit Support

Authored by: Adam Cherrington June 11, 2015 | Read Time: 2  minutes

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With the potential of being audited by HRSA, providers utilizing the 340B program must take notice of which 340B vendors will help them successfully navigate the audit process. KLAS interviewed providers that have undergone an audit to learn which 340B management system vendors best support providers through an audit, which vendors providers can rely on for future 340B needs, and which vendors decrease WAC spending.

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​Over 85% of Sentry respondents received on-site help during their HRSA audit. Due to proactive, on-site supportand an in-depth audit training process, Sentry users report the best overall audit support. Talyst provides strong audit preparation and offers proactive phone and on-site support during audits, with over 70% of respondents receiving some form of help. Macro Helix is available by phone and is responsive to questions throughout an audit, taking a more reactive approach. ARxIUM (ABTG) and eAudit Solutions offer almost no assistance throughout the audit process.

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93% of Macro Helix’s providers and 95% of Sentry’s note that their vendor is part of their long-term plans. Users report that both vendors have proactive customer service and strong, easy-to-use tools for 340B management—benefits that prompt them to stay. Talyst customers utilizing the Fully Managed option are slightly happier than those using the software alone; however, the largest pain points for Talyst continue to be product difficulties and slow fixes to problems. ARxIUM (ABTG) and eAudit Solutions are losing customers as they fall behind with new legislative requirements, and both vendors’ satisfaction scores have dropped significantly in the past year, with respondents noting a lack of support.

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Almost 50% of Macro Helix respondents feel that their 340B system decreases their wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) spending. Macro Helix easily filters out products that do not meet the 340B requirements and adds those that do. Sentry can also effectively filterout WAC products, though users have not seen it help decrease WAC spending as dramatically as Macro Helix respondents. Over 80% of Talyst, ARxIUM (ABTG), and eAudit Solutions respondents feel that their 340B system is increasing their WAC spending. Respondents note difficulties with the products distinguishing which drugs should be 340B and with keeping up to date with changing regulations.

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