Flexibility in Deployment

athenahealth or eClinicalWorks: Which One Is Right For You?

A little over two months ago, provider energy and market momentum pushed KLAS to conduct an in-depth analysis around two powerhouse ambulatory vendors that dominate mindshare among ambulatory EMR decisions for independent physician practices. These vendors are athenahealth and eClinicalWorks. When it comes to owned or affiliated practices, there are other considerations we could talk about (enterprise vendor pressures from vendors like Cerner and Epic), but when it comes to the independent physician practice market, athenahealth and eClinicalWorks are most considered.

With the end goal of helping providers understand the different characteristics, culture, offerings, and performance of these two vendors, KLAS did a side-by-side report card allowing providers to (1) quickly compare the major similarities of and differences between these two companies and (2) ultimately choose the best vendor that will lead to the provider’s success.

The report uncovers in-depth analysis and findings around the following key questions:

  1. Does athenahealth or eClinicalWorks perform better overall?
  2. How well does each individual vendor offering perform – and what are their track records?
  3. Which vendor is more reliable and dependable for customer support?
  4. How flexible and adaptable are each vendors’ platforms?
To view the executive summary and key findings of this study, please click here. For additional questions about this specific study or these two vendors, please contact Erik Bermudez at erik.bermudez@KLASResearch.com.