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Who Provides Productivity AND Partnership in CAC?

Based on industry research and KLAS analysis, it seems clear that ICD-10 will deliver a major hit to coder productivity. Healthcare providers are looking to CAC to mitigate this loss before it happens, a fact that is reflected in increasing sales and implementations of CAC solutions.
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Population Health Management and a Serious Hotel Wake-up Call

Most vendor products in the population health market are new, and some healthcare provider organizations are going down this road for the first time. The need for hand-holding and ongoing guidance is tremendous.
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What Makes Specialty Pharmacy Special

The Specialty Pharmacy market addresses the expensive and difficult-to-access medications that are prescribed for complex disease states. Specialty pharmacy IT vendors claim that the transfer of patient data from EMRs to pharmacy systems exists in limited deployment today but readily admit that the reverse flow of patient information is not yet happening.
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#1 Cost for Healthcare Providers Is...

Since healthcare providers’ number one cost is their people, organizations have very high expectations of the Human Capital Management (HCM) systems they use to manage them. KLAS found only one broad/suite vendor and a few focused/niche vendors that earned the designation of Beyond Efficient in the KLAS report.