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Top of Mind 2018

The opportunity for those in attendance at the Top of Mind 2018 conference, and indeed healthcare at large, is the same. We’re heading down paths unknown towards what may feel like a barren wasteland.
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Population Health Summit

The Working Definition of Population Health

Because the population health market is still very much in its infancy, breaking the market into pieces helps providers understand where improvements need to be made, and who best can help.
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Emergency Department

Reinventing the Usability Wheel in the ED

I was asked, “Where has design thinking been applied well in healthcare?” Design thinking, of course, is the process of innovation with users at the center. Historically, healthcare software has been designed with regulation in mind.
HIT Leader

What does an HIT Leader Look Like?

I was recently asked what the attributes of a healthcare leader should be. As I’ve seen and spoken with many movers and shakers in HIT over the last 20 years, I’ve seen some common threads.
defining precision medicine the last mile in genomics

Defining Precision Medicine: The Last Mile In Genomics

Our first task in publishing precision medicine market research is defining the concept from a technology standpoint. I realize that there is no shortage of opinion on this front. Is precision medicine a product, a strategy, or a goal?
Interop UK

The Big Opportunity for UK Healthcare

In the USA, we’ve been learning some hard lessons in the quest to make our healthcare data interoperable, I hope that the UK will listen and learn from our mistakes.
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the uk interoperability problem

The UK Interoperability Problem

Over the last two years we have created stories about health care as a liquid, a hospital without walls, a hospital in a box and the delivery of a digital fabric. Health care focuses on physical places and, perhaps wrongly, digital healthcare is often following this paradigm.
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the white waters of healthcare it

The White Waters of Healthcare IT

She explained, “As soon as we hit the rapid, everyone must continue to paddle all the way through the rapid.” She went on to explain that paddling through the rapids is critical for a couple of key reasons:
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Physician Burnout

Who Suffers the Most from EMR Usability Issues?

With such issues now commonplace as healthcare organizations have pretty much finished the initial wave of EMR installations, it begs the question: Who suffers the most from usability issues?

Cricket: The Sport of Interoperability

If you’ve read the recent KLAS report on the state of interoperability, you know that they appreciate a good baseball metaphor. At the risk of taking this too far, I felt it appropriate talk about KLAS’ work in the UK with a lesson from cricket.
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Time for Consumerism

Consumerism is Coming to Healthcare

I recently heard an ad on Pandora; I’d love to tell you that the ad interrupted my “workout jams,” but the reality is that I was just pulling out of a fast-food joint.

The Price of Impartiality

Some vendors have learned elsewhere that if you pay, things start to look rosier for you. For these vendors, the KLAS lesson can be a painful one to learn.
Facilitating Partnerships

How KLAS Facilitates Partnerships

I’m not saying that vendors should enact draconian holiday policies for their staff in order to respond to every provider whim. But I think this story illustrates the point that a company only interested in selling goods behaves very differently from a company who has joined a provider organization’s team.
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How KLAS Helps CIOs

At KLAS we are always asking ourselves what healthcare providers want and need to know. These are usually the things that we, as shameless healthcare IT nerds, want to know, too.

How KLAS is Helping Clinicians

In our main body of research, KLAS often speaks to executives. But with the Arch Collaborative, it’s the end users who share their direct experience with their EMRs. They offer an incredible level of granularity, not to mention passion, that can drive improvement efforts by the organization.
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True Partnerships

How Can Providers Better Engage with Vendors?

As I think on that goal, I sometimes wish our impact were more measurable—that I could list the number of buying decisions we have impacted, for instance.
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Genius in Healthcare IT

How to be a Genius in Healthcare IT

My first thought was, “Uh-oh.” My heart began beating quickly, and I realized, “I have never used any of these PACS solutions. I have no personal, hands-on knowledge of whether the system in question is really good or not!”
how klas brought imaging leaders together

How KLAS Brought Imaging Leaders Together

I recently had the opportunity sit as a fly on the wall in a gathering of some of the greatest minds in healthcare imaging.
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finding solutions at the population health summit

Finding Solutions at the Population Health Summit

The KLAS 2017 Population Health Cornerstone Summit exceeded my expectations. I was really amazed at how willingly the providers, payers, and vendors in attendance shared their experiences and best practices. I was struck that population health, which is so critical to patient success as well as provider organizations’ financial success moving forward, is so largely undefined at the present.
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Investment Blog - Bob Cash

The Role of HIT Investment in Solving the Big Problems

During a discussion about challenges facing young and/or developing healthcare IT companies, several people shared the need for stronger interoperability between healthcare applications and stated that efforts to connect through EHRs often met stiff resistance and economic barriers.
the population health cornerstone summit

The Population Health Cornerstone Summit

Trying to capture the thoughts of this group of pop health leaders was akin to attempting to catch a waterfall in a measuring cup, which is to say that acting as scribe was much harder than I had originally anticipated it would be.
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Data Analytics

Do Payers Need Real-Time Data for Analytics?

RA is also tied closely to quality analytics, as HCCs are often used to identify gaps in care. So do payers need real-time data? Our Payer Advisory Board expressed a desire for KLAS to conduct research on which vendors provide real-time data for quality analytics. The reason behind this request? ...
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KLAS and Vendors – Consistent Progress through Candid Feedback

Provider feedback further encouraged the firm to partner even better with customers by “serving to sell.” KLAS told the firm that during the sales process, they should focus on outcomes and delivering success for customers instead of just trying to close deals.
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Silver Bullet

Is Population Health the Silver Bullet Healthcare Needs?

Big data will bring consumerism to healthcare, solve price-transparency issues, reduce healthcare costs, and end world hunger! Maybe that’s a tad hyperbolic, but it’s hard to overstate the expectations surrounding population health solutions.
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Healthcare Investing

What is the Best Way to Invest in Healthcare?

KLAS had kept the investing community at arms-length. To see a room filled with healthcare-focused investors, alongside providers and vendor organizations was certainly a sight I hadn’t imagined 20 years ago when we first started measuring HIT.
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Building Bridges

Building Bridges Between Healthcare Providers and Vendors

Through our research, we gain insight from the provider community. Through our KPIs, we learn what’s happening among the vendors. Together, these experiences allow KLAS a unique perspective on the HIT industry.
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Buying a Partnership

Providers Are Buying Partnerships, Not Products

Providers are buying an IT team, a support team, an implementation and training team, a team of developers that understand healthcare, and an executive team that knows the direction healthcare is going in and can create a strategy that aligns technology with the ever-changing needs of providers. This sounds like more than just software.
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klas research and the delicate balance of impartial data

KLAS Research and the Delicate Balance of Impartial Data

A striking visual, the arch rises out of the alien, red rock of southern Utah and stands as a recognizable symbol of the state of Utah, where KLAS is located. That might be reason enough for us to include the arch in our logo; we are proud of our roots. But there is more behind our use of the monument.
Clinician Burnout

The 3 Biggest Challenges in Healthcare IT

I was recently given the opportunity to sit in at some of the breakout sessions of KLAS’ Digital Health Investment Symposium. The group was brought together to, among other things, discuss the biggest challenges that Healthcare IT (HIT) faces and how best to solve those problems.
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Telehealth: Which Vendors Help?

Telehealth: Which Vendors Can Help You Succeed?

While adoption isn’t widespread and movement is slow, our research shows that telehealth is happening. Despite the significant barriers, providers are engaging with vendors and offering virtual care to patients. There is excitement about the potential of telehealth, and providers are passionate about new avenues of improving healthcare.
healthcare investing good research leads to good care

Healthcare Investments: Good Investing Leads to Good Care

In a first for KLAS, today we gathered leaders in the financial sector of healthcare for our inaugural Digital Health Investment Symposium. Adam Gale mentioned, opening our Investment Symposium, there was a time where KLAS very intentionally ‘stiff-armed’ investors. Our focus, as a young company 20 years ago, was to serve the provider and the provider alone. This decision was influenced heavily by our mission to “improve the world’s healthcare.”
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Telehealth Fact or Fiction

Telehealth: Separating Fact and Fiction

Telehealth is a common buzzword in healthcare IT these days. But is it actually happening? What does it actually look like? And is it worth it? These are questions KLAS is working to answer in our upcoming telehealth report.
Provider Cost of Care

Cost of Care: The Provider Perspective

As we prepare for the upcoming Investment Symposium, we’ve discussed several big topics that have the attention of providers, vendors and investors alike. We started with a discussion on population health and realized quickly that a large piece of that discussion focuses around how we pay for healthcare.
population health or population sickness

Population Health or Population Sickness?

As great as it sounds, the PHM movement is not all that it seems. At least not yet, not in terms of healthcare information technology (HIT). While the term population health has caught on everywhere, it’s not yet in practice in most places.
EMR Usability Improvements

How to Make Your EMR More Usable

So, we slammed in the EMRs to get the meaningful use money. Many organizations did not have an effective plan for how to implement the EMR in order to improve quality of care of care delivery & efficiency.
Clinican Adoption

How to Drive Clinician Adoption of Population Health

As we’ve prepared to host the KLAS Investment Symposium later this month, with our partners: TripleTree, Intermountain Healthcare and the Marwood Group - we’ve wrestled with what subjects would bring the most value to attendees.
Cost of Care

How Do You Define the Cost of Care?

Healthcare payers, provider organizations, and especially patients all agree that healthcare costs are at unsustainable levels. One potential solution to this far-reaching problem is the new value-based care payment model.
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Future of Enterprise Imaging

What is the future for Enterprise Imaging?

KLAS recently hosted a Keystone Summit for enterprise imaging. Earlier in the year we discussed what the topic of our Keystone Summit should be, with several obvious big topics lined up.
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the keystone summit on enterprise imaging

The Keystone Summit on Enterprise Imaging

When great events occur, there are three types of persons manifested: First, the one who doesn’t realize that anything great is happening; second, the one who realizes something is going on but doesn’t know what it is; and third, the one behind the scenes making it all happen
the pioneers of enterprise imaging

The Pioneers of Enterprise Imaging

Part of moving enterprise imaging to the forefront of HIT will involve pulling it out of radiology. Our best chances at success will come when providers in the specialties that use images (dermatology, ophthalmology, etc.), as well as primary care physicians, see the need for and become passionate advocates of enterprise imaging. One Summit participant put it this way: “Don’t see enterprise imaging as simply ‘radiology plus.'"

KLAS and the NHS: How will the UK Measure Interoperability?

I am really delighted to see that KLAS has begun their journey in helping the UK healthcare system measure interoperability. Having met with a cross section of CIOs and CCIOs in all care settings the KLAS team are getting this model together to reflect the UK health care system.
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cube brilliance   why context matters in healthcare innovation

Cube Brilliance - Why Context Matters in Healthcare Innovation

Early last month, I took the chance to get out of the office and spend the day among the blooming gardens of Thanksgiving Point in Lehi UT for the Utah HIMSS Innovations and Awards conference. Among the many impressive speakers, one that stood out to me was Todd Dunn, the Director of Innovation for Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab.
sepsis demonstrating cds progress in healthcare

Sepsis: Demonstrating CDS Progress in Healthcare

KLAS recently published our first report on Sepsis. A first of it's kind, Kody Hansen takes to the blog to discuss which vendors are impacting the fight against sepsis, and how they're doing it.
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Doctor with bad news

Why We Do What We Do at KLAS

There are rare people in your life who are so important, so influential, and so close and personal that it is impossible to adequately express what they mean to you. For me, one of these people was Halvor Bailey. He was my best friend. He was closer than a brother. You can imagine my shock when I was informed of his sudden, unexpected, and untimely death at only 45 years old. He was the father of five children, the beloved son of his parents, and a friend to countless others. It was an inconceivable loss to all of us.
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Think inside the box

The Digital Hospital in a Box

Imagine if the hospital EHR came in a box ready to deploy, would we be ‘playing’ with the box within the first week I wonder? Once upon a time we used to talk about a hospital without boundaries, in some areas that evolved to a liquid hospital, as we move to the next decade a new idea is starting to emerge, a new parallel, the digital hospital in a box.
Kent Gale Blog 12

The Start of the Best in KLAS Awards

The dark age of vendor partner selection was at its peak just prior to the turn of the century, the year 2000. The most successful vendors worked from the top down building strong relationships with provider executives to win big contracts. Marketing materials and PowerPoint presentations capped off with strong social relationships won big deals.
EMR Improvement Collaborative

The Red Herrings of EMR Satisfaction

When we first began digging into the data we’ve gathered during our EMR Improvement Collaborative, we were armed with a lot of assumptions and “common knowledge” about the industry. Luckily, at KLAS one of our favorite things to do is watch solid research bust the myths we thought were true.
Comparing Costs

Consumerism and Healthcare Price Transparency: How Can Patients Compare Costs?

The age of consumerism has arrived, and already we can see it creeping into the healthcare industry. With shifting government regulations and rises in both premiums and deductibles, many consumers of healthcare have begun to take their well-honed savvy-shopping skills and apply them to the care they receive. Many of these smart shoppers have run into something of a brick wall. While consumer products and services in other markets are rife with insight into cost and quality, healthcare—as it is in a lot of areas—is late to the game.

A Deep Dive on the EMR Improvement Collaborative

In healthcare IT, the story is no different. We hear unending tales of the latest and greatest healthcare IT solutions, and yet often providers feel underwhelmed and oversold. Perhaps because it’s the cornerstone of an organization’s technology, the EMR often seems to carry more than its fair share of the productivity paradox.
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Nathan Evans

Why We Do What We Do: A Ninja Perspective

“Ugh, fine.” That’s not what I dream of a physician saying when I ask if they could spare a few minutes to talk with me about the healthcare IT products they use. But it’s what one provider said to me during one of my first calls at KLAS.
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EMR Improvement Collaborative

The HIT Productivity Paradox

"You see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics." Starting as far back as the 1970s industries began to see that as investment into IT increased, productivity decreased in response. As Meaningful Use and other government initiatives worldwide have pushed EMRs and other HIT solutions into the forefront of buying decisions, healthcare now faces its own version of this same paradox.
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shutterstock_152274824 (1)

The Little Engine That Could – My Journey to KLAS

Many are familiar with the story The Little Engine That Could. For those unfamiliar, the story tells of a stranded train attempting to get toys to the children on the other side of the mountain. Several train engines passing by refuse to help, with various excuses for their lack of sympathy. Finally, a little blue engine offers humble assistance, exclaiming “I think I can!” again and again until the obstacle (the mountain) is overcome and the toys are delivered to the mountain village children.
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Jenifer Gordon Headshot

Maintaining the Quality of KLAS Data

Almost 11 years ago, through a great stroke of luck, I found myself working at a company in Utah called KLAS, whose mission is to improve the world’s healthcare. I came from a market research background, where one of the last projects I worked on was for a company that wanted to know whether families would buy more ketchup if it came in colors like purple and green. On many occasions during this project, I seriously questioned how my life’s choices had led me to work on something so trivial and that I cared so little about.
Methodology Post

How Does KLAS Conduct Research?

I can still remember when, as a kid, I discovered the fine print at the bottom of my cereal box announcing, “You must be 18 years of age to enter” as a caveat to their “win your own spy-gear tool kit” contest. I learned two things that day: first, becoming James Bond isn’t a solid career path, and second, always check for fine print.
EMR Title Page

The EHR Implementation as a Relationship

Are you married to your EMR? Richard Corbridge dives in to the parallels between relationships and the implementation of digital health IT solutions.
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Graphic Designer

Happy Little Charts: An Artist’s Love for Healthcare IT

“We live in a data-driven world,” said Dona M. Wong in her book The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics. Data had been a foreign concept to me prior to joining KLAS—an element that belonged in the world of mathematicians and scientists, not artists. Now as a graphic designer at KLAS, I have the opportunity to make a direct impact on healthcare...
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are we making intelligent health it decisions

Are We Making Intelligent Health IT Decisions?

I am part of a US based, 24 hospital IDN based in the Midwest. We make many imaging purchases every year. Information on which vendor and model are selected and which are not is recorded and trended. Most decisions are made at the local entity with input from the system.
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interoperability and the uk at the center of history

Interoperability and The UK: At the Center of History

Have you ever been at the center of history? I ask that question because for my whole life, I have been chasing history: driven by the desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, to be a part of a moonshot. To be able to look back and say, “Yep, I was there when that happened, and I was part of it.”
Adam Gale

KLAS in the Garage

It seems as though every company has a garage origin story. KLAS has more of a kitchen-table story, but I’m still grateful to have been a part of it.
richard-colbridge-bw (1)

The Liquid Hospital

Richard Corbridge, CIO of the Health Service Executive and CEO of eHealth Ireland - "The Irish healthcare system has been on an exciting journey putting building blocks in place to create a digital fabric..."

#IUseKLASBecause - Spencer Erman

I have been involved with clinical informatics for around 10 years. Prior to this, I was an EHR end-user, then super-user, then physician champion. As I have come to learn, there are a myriad of things out there that may be used...
shutterstock_52886893 (1)

HIMSS 17: Solving the World's HIT Issues?

If you’re coming to the US to find answers to solve your country’s HIT problems, don’t. We haven’t solved very many yet ourselves. However, in my opinion, that can be a good thing.
Ferd Feola

#IUseKLASBecause - Ferdinand Feola

PMC first embarked on its electronic medical record (EMR) journey with the McKesson clinical inpatient system in 1998. They chose a best-of-breed path with their other IT needs, choosing to use Siemens MedSeries4 solution for: revenue cycle, scheduling, general ledger, accounts payable and materials management.
marty-paslick-bw1 (1)

#IUseKLASBecause - Marty Paslick

Care begins when a patient enters the doors of an HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) facility, and often the first interaction in a patient’s journey happens during registration
Corey Zeigler

#IUseKLASBecause - Corey Zeigler

FDRHPO (Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization) works with the North County Healthcare System in New York to evaluate, plan and strengthen the connection between the Fort Drum military community and healthcare in northern New York. One of our main goals is to identify the healthcare needs of Fort Drum, as well as the surrounding community.
brian-wetzel-bw1 (1)

#IUseKLASBecause - Brian Wetzel

As the director of diagnostic imaging and cardiology at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, I often find myself the position of decision-maker. In order to get solid data, I use KLAS.
Miguel Vigo IV

#IUseKLASBecause - Miguel A. Vigo IV

Recently, Edward-Elmhurst Health rolled out our new price estimation tool. This change is providing extremely accurate and timely price estimations and price transparency to our patients for all payers and for all hospital services.

#IUseKLASBecause - Mary Alice Annecharico

It is important for me to know what my industry peers are saying about their experiences. Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) needs to know what the values and critiques are of vendor products, professional resources, and services—especially as we plan for capital and operating investments that will support our organization’s strategic needs.
rachel-dunscombe (1)

#IUseKLASBecause - Rachel Dunscombe

Being the Intelligent CIO Customer Here in the UK, we used to have a magazine called Which? It was a consumer guide that came out monthly with features on everything from washing machines to cars. I secretly loved Which? and as a kid used to read it, looking at the scores and narratives around products.

Quigley Down Under

KLAS’ culture, as those who’ve interacted with us can tell you, is full of quirks. For example, the IT dept. named the printers around the office things like “chainsaw” and “deforester” as a reminder to keep our paper-waste to a minimum...
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Hiring Character First

“How do we get our employees more engaged?” Many answers exist, and it all begins with great hiring. There are hundreds of different ways to attract candidates and fill positions, but at KLAS we look to hire character first.
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why the arch explaining the symbol of klas

Why the Arch? Explaining the Symbol of KLAS

For many, starting a new year involves looking back at the past with nostalgia. We’ve enjoyed walking memory lane to see how far we’ve come and, in many ways, what has stayed the same.
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