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Doctor using virtual reality headset

First Look – Extended Reality (XR) Becoming a Healthcare Solution Reality

One of the key challenges for adoption of XR in any industry is the design of the headsets. Headsets are considered clunky and uncomfortable and can cause mental fatigue. While one can imagine wearing a headset to review or practice a surgical procedure, wearing one in front of patients would be awkward.
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Working with Tiny AI

First Look – Tiny AI Will Drive Improved Voice Recognition Capabilities

Training Google BERT, Google’s AI voice model, with just one data run used the energy to power a US household for 50 days[3]. Google BERT had 340 million data parameters. Megatron-LM, the AI engine from NVIDIA, has 8.3 billion data parameters. While these models are making voice recognition close to infallible, they are also driving up research and delivery costs for these companies. A new approach to reducing these challenges with voice recognition and AI is called Tiny AI.
Mom checking a symptom tracker with her phone to care for sick child

First Look – Symptom Checkers: Play Offense, Not Defense

The challenge for providers is that consumers will continue to increase their usage of these tools as access to care continues to decline and consumers are expected to manage more of their healthcare experience. Creating proactive strategies and policies for interacting with symptom checkers and integrating them into the provider’s care delivery environment is likely to have a positive impact on patient engagement.
Robot hand holding a globe with glowing points

First Look – KLAS Commits to Emerging Technology Research

The ability to effectively analyze emerging healthcare technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice recognition, ambient intelligence (natural language processing), social determinants of healthcare, smart home devices (e.g., Alexa, Google Home, cable companies), patient engagement, and revenue management support will be a critical success factor for the long-term viability of providers as we move to value-based care.
A brain that is half artificial intelligence, half human

First Look – AI Foundation Success Factors

While the Ascension and Google partnership is receiving a lot of negative press regarding the access of de-identified patient data from a provider for creating effective digital and AI solutions, this is likely the most effective way to drive successful AI solutions for healthcare.
A magnifying glass giving a closer look at a list of prices

First Look – Transparent Pricing: Leveling the Playing Field

We have had several examples of pricing disparity for the same procedures publicly exposed over the last few years. Hip-replacement procedures from different hospitals in the same city can vary by tens of thousands of dollars.
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doctor opening up patient notes on tablet

First Look – Patients Accessing Visit Notes; Two Different Approaches

As patients are driven to conduct more control over their healthcare, they are demanding to have more information about their care available to them. Access to the visit notes created during an encounter is one information source that is starting to emerge as a priority in order to support a patient’s self-management of care as well as allow families to assist with the care compliance of a loved one.
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doctor showing a patient her patient portal

First Look – Does a Silver Bullet for Patient Engagement Solutions Exist?

Providers are being deluged by vendors with patient engagement solutions. A quick Google search on patient engagement products returns over 62 million results. The challenge for providers is determining which patient engagement solutions will allow them to create stronger provider brand loyalty when they are competing with other provider networks in their market.
illustrated face with digital lines

First Look – Suki, A New Entrant in the Learning Virtual-Scribe Market

Suki was one of the most mentioned companies in KLAS’ Emerging HCIT Companies 2019 Report, published in February of this year. This indicates that Suki is a top-of-mind emerging company among provider organizations—leaving us with a desire to learn and understand more about it.
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filing cabinet drawers coming out of a laptop.

First Look – Don’t Confuse Digital Fax with Legacy Fax

Healthcare organizations conduct numerous information-sharing transactions daily relative to sharing patient information. Many of these transactions are still being conducted with legacy fax solutions. New digital-fax solutions are emerging that will help to resolve many of the current challenges related to expenses, security, confidentiality, efficiency, and equipment.
working with a chatbot

First Look – What’s Up, Bot? Taking Patient Engagement to the Next Level

Through KLAS’ ongoing research efforts on innovations and emerging technologies, bots are transitioning to the forefront of the emerging patient engagement–technology and consumerism discussions. We believe more advanced healthcare bots will be emerging from the social bots that are provided by Amazon, Google, and Apple.
various devices interfacing

First Look – New Healthcare API Solutions Will Drive Market Disruption

Almost all healthcare organizations have implemented integration engines (IEs) to create interfaces from disparate best-of-breed IT applications to their enterprise IT applications. Most of these interfaces are based on HL7 2.X interface standards (using the term standards loosely) to create the data streams between IT application systems.
physical environment impacts SDoH

First Look – Social Determinants of Health, the New Patient-Care Frontier

Many healthcare organizations are evaluating the best approach for capturing and using SDOH data within their IT environments. A key consideration for developing or buying SDOH solutions is creating a design to integrate data capture and analysis functions into the workflows that provide the benefits of care delivery outcomes without adding significant overhead to the care providers who will be interfacing with those applications.
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Emerging companies

First Look - Emerging HCIT Companies Report and Hot Market Segments of 2019

In our research calls, we ask providers about the hot companies, startups, and markets that providers are thinking about. With each of the top four areas, we’ll touch on provider concerns, vendor approaches, and some of the most mentioned emerging companies.
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Emerging Technology

First Look - A New Initiative on Emerging Technologies & Markets

This year, KLAS is going to take on a bigger role in the market by launching our Emerging Technologies insights and research called KLAS etech INSIGHT. Our objective is simple: separate fact from fiction for emerging technologies and markets in healthcare.

What are the Emerging Needs of Healthcare Consulting?

In this final blog of my consulting trilogy, I would like to share some insights on our research into where healthcare organizations anticipate needing consulting help in the future.
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