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Capsule Technologies's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Ventilated patient surveillance workstation
Ventilation surveillance software that can extend the reach of staff over the full range of mechanically ventilated patients by remote monitoring

Capsule Technologies can add clinical surveillance capabilities to existing hospital installations of the company’s Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP). Adding clinical surveillance to MDIP’s data management and connectivity infrastructure could help ease the impact of increased demands for mechanical ventilation and respiratory therapies. One key area of surveillance focus is in the management of mechanically ventilated patients. Capsule Technologies' Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation can extend the reach of staff over the full range of mechanically ventilated patients, wherever those patients are in the facility, by facilitating remote monitoring, potentially reducing the risk of caregiver exposure at the bedside, and increasing the ability to oversee patients who are receiving this type of therapy.

The Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation offered through Capsule’s COVID-19 Response Program provides:

  • A centralized view of ventilator data (FiO2, Set Tidal Volume, Exhaled Tidal Volume, Set RR, Total RR, Peak Inspiratory Pressure, Positive End Expiratory)
  • Centralized alarming based on preconfigured rules (smart rules) determined by clinical decision makers
capsule ventilated patient surveillance workstation

It can also help support device management:

  • Locating medical devices and maintaining a device census
  • Tracking device utilization for resource allocation

The Ventilated Patient Surveillance Workstation features:

  • No-charge software license access for limited time use
  • Discounted implementation services
    • Remote, turnkey solution to speed deployment
    • Ability to run on any workstation that meets specifications
      • Upon request, Capsule Tech will work jointly with customer on procurement
  • Additional connectivity hardware, if needed, for integrating ventilators

The Capsule Ventilated Patient Surveillance workstation (Remote Ventilator Surveillance and Bernoulli One Enterprise Software) is compatible with the Capsule MDIP v.9.x and later.

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