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Alagen's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Social Engineering Assessment

Test employee response to phishing and vishing attacks as COVID-19 related threats and disruptions to normal operations increase vulnerability

Since people are often the weakest link in any security strategy, testing employees and associated security policies is a smart best practice. With all the changes introduced by COVID-19, especially increased use of remote working, this service is exceptionally important. And if employees are using personal devices to connect to the corporate network, or multifactor authentication and other defenses have been relaxed to enable easier connectivity, the exponentially increased risks make it even more so.

Our social engineering assessments are tests of your organization’s human vulnerabilities. Assessments can test resilience to email phishing, vishing (voice calls), or on-site attempts to gain access to restricted areas and exfiltrate confidential data. This valuable assessment quickly identifies the efficacy of human-related security initiatives and which areas need to be addressed.

We recently blogged about a recent vishing assessment for a well-established medical treatment company that focused on COVID-19. We shared some observations to benefit others. We recognized that home-based employees may have lacked critical tools, like access to a directory to confirm caller identity. We found those we contacted were very talkative, possibly hungry for social interaction, which increased opportunities for our attacker to relate and earn trust. And it was harder to get people to answer their phones, despite spoofing the company’s phone number, which can be a problem should a security issue arise and time is of the essence.

Snapshot Security Assessment

Gain free, high-level insight regarding your organization’s security posture relative to three prevalent attack vectors

During this uncertain time, Alagen’s Snapshot Security Assessment helps healthcare organizations determine whether or not they have the right protections in place. It is a convenient first glance, providing critical insights regarding your organization’s cyber security posture. It’s free. It’s as simple as answering some targeted questions. And the results give your organization a high-level understanding of where it stands against three of the most prevalent cyber-attack vectors within the healthcare industry.

While a full security assessment provides a more comprehensive and detailed outlook, a Snapshot Security Assessment can be a helpful and powerful first step. Armed with your report featuring analysis by an Alagen expert, you’ll not only better understand your posture, but be equipped with documentation to assist your organization’s cyber security and risk-related discussions.

To complete the assessment, contact us for a link and promo code.

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