athenahealth's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Order sets and social history questions aligned to CDC’s COVID-19 best practice recommendations

  • CDC guidance at the point of care: athenahealth is continuously updating our software to align order sets, social history questions, and more with CDC best practice recommendations. Furthermore, athenahealth has made the latest CDC guidance available in epocrates, our FREE clinical decision support app, as it relates to their patient’s situation directly from their mobile device. athenahealth created the epocrates COVID-19 Resources Hub, which includes the interactive COVID-19 guidance tool and COVID-19 Drug Therapy Trial Updates.
  • Delivering meaningful insights: athenahealth is helping the healthcare industry track state-by-state clinician activity around COVID-19 testing and prepare for future cases across the United States. The data will be used by the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition and athenahealth’s customers to augment current information on testing and inform decisions on healthcare delivery systems and people at risk of COVID-19 exposure who need diagnostic testing. As part of the initiative, athenahealth has launched two interactive COVID-19 dashboards that will also inform the healthcare community and the public at large including Clinician-Ordered Lab Tests and High-Risk Patients. athenahealth will continue to evolve the dashboards as CDC guidance evolves.
  • COVID-19 commercial lab tests available for ordering in athenaClinicals workflow: athenahealth ensures that providers can seamlessly order COVID-19 tests within their normal ordering workflows. Tests from major commercial labs are all available for providers to order today, ensuring nationwide coverage of test accessibility to the providers and patients served on the athenahealth network.
  • Enhanced online patient scheduling to ease burden on practice staff: Patients who need an in-person appointment with providers that offer portal scheduling can schedule their appointments online themselves. Self-scheduling eases the burden on staff and enables the practice to prepare to safely receive patients with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Telehealth partners help alleviate demands on healthcare providers: athenahealth is activating its partner ecosystem to facilitate connectivity between its customers and seven telehealth partners, with four offering free solutions.
  • Mobility to provide ubiquitous access for healthcare providers: The athenaOne mobile app enables healthcare providers to do their work from anywhere. The app enables providers to order and sign COVID-19 tests, review results, review potential risk factors, and prescribe medications. The Department of Health and Human services has empowered providers to use consumer videoconferencing tools for patient care during the COVID-19 emergency. In response to this HHS guidance, athenahealth has introduced an integration between the athenaOne mobile app and Apple’s FaceTime that enables providers to initiate a video call with a patient from directly within the athenaOne app.

Staff augmentation, virtual training, and other resources related to COVID-19

  • The athenaIDX customer support team is fully operational to respond to customer issues while maintaining the excellent service customers have come to expect. In addition, the support team is tracking COVID-19 questions to identify any issue trends or opportunities that we can share with our customers.
  • In-progress implementations continue according to plan, and we are pivoting to support customers who are shifting their staff to working remotely. Also, there has been no change to our development and release cycles. We are continuing to work as scheduled to meet our commitments to you.
  • Below are services that athenahealth is making available to customers to support their evolving needs:
    • Staff augmentation services for remote A/R teams, IT Support, and custom programming.
    • Virtual trainings that are standardized or tailored to meet specific client needs. athenahealth is also capable of tailoring manuals to specific client policy and process requirements.
    • Automation optimization consulting services to assist in areas where automation can be applied across a customer’s business in response to COVID-19. Examples include workflows, claim edits, and charge edits.
    • Deeper automation tools such as custom RPA and scripting options are available and offered in conjunction with our development schedule for athenaIDX ambulatory and hospital solutions.

athenaPractice (formerly Centricity Practice Solution)
Screening forms, questionnaires, and other resources related to COVID-19

  • The athenaPractice customer support team is fully operational to respond to customer issues while maintaining the excellent service customers have come to expect. In addition, the support team is tracking COVID-19 questions to identify any issue trends or opportunities that we can share with our customers.
  • The majority of athenaPractice operations are automated, and we are cross-training employees and developing contingency plans to mitigate potential impact on our services. athenahealth is providing continuous recommendations and guidance to customers as the COVID-19 situation evolves.
  • athenahealth has made the following available for athenaPractice customers:
    • COVID-19 Initial Screening form
    • COVID-19 Questionnaire Form Kit to capture detailed travel history for patients with fever and acute respiratory illness
    • Observation and Under Investigation form offering guidance for screening of patients
    • Factory Observation kit with comprehensive listing of all COVID-19 terms available
    • Updated CPT/HCPC codes for lab result testing services and CMS codes for testing

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