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Ambulatory Therapy/Rehab 2018
Ambulatory Therapy/Rehab 2018:
A Closer Look at the Specialty EMR Vendors
Clinical Documentation Improvement 2018
Clinical Documentation Improvement 2018:
Workflows and Prioritization Drive Quality and Financial Outcomes
Release of Information 2018
Release of Information 2018:
Who Delivers Most Consistently across Customers?
Patient Access 2018
Patient Access 2018:
A Deeper Dive into Broad Adoption
European EMR 2018
European EMR 2018:
Performance and Market Energy
Worksite Health Services 2018
Worksite Health Services 2018:
A First Look at Firms’ Performance
Physician Scheduling 2018
Physician Scheduling 2018:
Cost-Effective Gains in Efficiency
Nurse & Staff Scheduling 2018
Nurse & Staff Scheduling 2018:
Cost-Reducing Convenience & Mobility
Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018
Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018:
Who's Advancing Data Analytics & Infrastructure?
Emerging HCIT Companies 2018
Emerging HCIT Companies 2018:
Who’s Getting Traction?
Go-Live Support 2018
Go-Live Support 2018:
The Bar Has Been Raised; Which Firms Can Meet It?
Smart Pumps 2018
Smart Pumps 2018:
Deeper Partnering Needed
Healthcare IT Investor Update
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q3
Precision Medicine Vendor Validations 2018
Precision Medicine Vendor Validations 2018:
The Voice of the Vendor—Report 1 of 2
Patient Intake Management 2018
Patient Intake Management 2018:
Solutions for a More Efficient Practice
Decision Insights—Population Health Management
Decision Insights—Population Health Management
Decision Insights—Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Decision Insights—Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Cybersecurity Services 2018
Cybersecurity Services 2018:
Achieving Outcomes through Healthcare Knowledge and Tailored Services
Payer Quality and Risk Analytics 2018
Payer Quality and Risk Analytics 2018:
Different Options for Different Needs
Digital Rounding 2018:
A First Look at Digital Rounding Vendor Performance
HIT Assessment & Strategic Planning:
Which Firms Partner to Exceed Expectations?
US Hospital EMR Market Share 2018:
Small Hospitals Hungry for New Technology
Enterprise Imaging 2018:
How Top Organizations and Vendors Are Achieving Outcomes
NHS Interoperability:
Data-Sharing Efforts, Obstacles, and Progress in England
Apple Health Records 2018:
Early Participants Weigh In
Front-End Speech 2018:
Insights from Organizations with the Highest Adoption
Medication Inventory Management 2018:
How Well Are Vendors Positioned to Close the Gaps?
Patient Accounting 2018:
Transitioning from Legacy Systems
Clinical Process Improvement 2018:
Paving the Way for Improved Clinical Processes
Community (1–200 Beds) HIS 2018:
Innovation Wanted
Decision Insights 2018:
National Trends & Best Practices
Credentialing 2018:
Options Abound
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q2
Cornerstone Summit 2018—Enterprise Imaging:
An Operational Approach to Driving Enterprise Imaging Outcomes
Post–Acute Care 2018:
Providers' Simple Request
Post-Acute/Interoperability 2018
Plug-and-Play Patient-Record Sharing via CommonWell and Carequality
Healthcare Consulting and Services 2018:
Which Firms Deliver a True Partnering Experience?
Artificial Intelligence in Imaging 2018:
Early Adopters Speak Out
Performance Global de PEP 2017:
Mantendo o Ritmo em um Mercado em Transformação
Clinical Mobility 2018:
Leveraging a Smartphone Strategy
Outsourced Coding 2018:
Value-Adds Key in Evolving Market
Worksite Health Services 2018:
Market Introduction and Vendor Guide
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q1
2018 Best in KLAS:
Software and Services
2018 Best in KLAS:
Global Non-US
Patient Communications 2017:
How Are Organizations Reaching Out to Patients?
Secure Communication 2017:
The Realities of Secure Communication Platform Adoption
Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2017:
The Evolving Landscape of Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions
Ambulatory EMR Usability 2017:
Leadership Perceptions of Vendor Performance
Data Loss Prevention 2017:
Optimization Support Drives Satisfaction; Few Solutions Used Broadly
Healthcare Management Consulting 2017:
Keeping Pace with a Transforming Market
Value-Based Care Managed Services 2017:
Achieving Outcomes Through Technology-Enabled Services
Off-Premises Computing Perception 2017:
Energy Shifts to the Cloud
Global EMR Performance 2017:
Keeping Pace with a Transforming Market
Ambulatory RCM Services 2017:
Finding Consistent Partners
Acute EMR Usability 2017:
Physician Leaders Say There is Still Work to be Done
MEDITECH Web Ambulatory:
Insights into the Early-Adopter Experience
Talent Management 2017:
High Performers in Performance Management
Creating the EMR Advantage:
The Arch Collaborative EMR Best Practices Study
Cornerstone Summit 2017:
Population Health Definition, Outcomes Measurement, and Best Practices
Cardiology 2017:
Structured Reporting Challenges
Claims and Denials Management 2017:
Support & New Tools Highly Valued in Well-Established Market
Digital Health Investment Symposium:
Where Do We Need to Focus Future Healthcare Technology Investments?
Continuum of Care 2017:
A Comprehensive Look at EMRs in a Connected Continuum
Global PACS 2017:
Enterprise Imaging Reshaping PACS Decisions
Care Management 2017:
Solutions Struggle to Keep Pace
Managing the Cost of Care:
How Are Provider Organizations Tackling the Cost of Care?
Interoperability 2017:
First Look at Trending—Some Progress Toward a Distant Horizon
ED Usability 2017:
Enterprise Considerations, Not Workflow, Shaping the Future
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q4
Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017:
Who Is Supporting Healthcare Organizations’ Abilities to Expand Virtual Care?
Emerging Companies 2017
athenahealth for Hospitals:
Insights into the Early-Adopter Experience
Radiation Therapy 2017:
Technology Outpacing Interoperability
Allscripts' McKesson EIS Business Acquisition 2017:
Frustrated Paragon Customers Hope for Quick Development
Cornerstone Summit 2017:
PACS 2017:
Reconstructing for the Future
Antimicrobial Stewardship 2017:
AMS Tools Significantly Driving Patient Interventions
Global Healthcare IT Consulting:
Which Firms Are Considered for Implementation and Advisory Work?
Practice Management 2017 (Over 10 Physicians):
Many Vendors Struggle to Provide Consistent Experience across Practice Size
Keystone Summit 2017:
Enterprise Imaging
eClinicalWorks 2017:
Snapshot of Customer Reactions to the DOJ Settlement
Smart Pump/EMR Interoperability 2017:
First Look at Interoperability Performance
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q3
Implementation Services 2017
Health Insurance Enrollment Solutions 2017
Interactive Patient Systems 2017:
Turning Interactivity into Outcomes
Patient Flow 2017:
No Reason to Wait
Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk Management 2017:
Which Solutions Improve Patient Care Outcomes?
Medical Oncology 2017:
A Medical Oncology Perspective
EMR Improvement Collaborative:
Working Together to Improve EMR Usability
CAPD 2017:
An Early Look
Sepsis 2017:
Which Vendors Can Help?
Freestanding Emergency Centers 2017:
An Early Look at An Emerging Market
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q2
IV Compounding 2017:
Assessing Vendor Offerings for IV Workflow Management and IV Robots
Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017:
An Early Look at the State of Telehealth, A KLAS-CHIME Benchmarking Report
Payer Core Claims and Administration 2017:
The Future Suggests a Bumpy Road
Ultrasound 2017:
What Vendor Strengths Help Providers Succeed?
Payer Quality Analytics 2017:
From Regulatory Reporting to Quality Improvement
Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (1–10 Physicians) 2017:
Relationships the Key to Providers' Success
Vendor Selection 2017:
Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Consulting Firm
Revenue Cycle Services 2017:
How Do RCS Firms Measure Up to Providers’ Needs?
340B Split Billing 2017:
Who Can Help Providers Adapt to a Changing Market?
Cybersecurity 2017:
Healthcare Provider Security Assessment, A KLAS-CHIME Benchmarking Report
Advanced Visualization 2017:
Comprehensive Options Exist in an Unconsolidated World
Imaging Modality Purchasing Trends 2017 (Smaller Organizations):
Small Market Remains Wide Open
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q1
Cerner Patient Accounting & Practice Management 2016:
Can My Organization Be Successful?
Global Population Health Perception 2016:
An Early Look at Trends, Technology, and Initiatives Outside the US
Value-Based Care Managed Services 2016:
Technology-Enabled Services to Support Your Transformation to Value
Anesthesia Performance 2016:
A Clinician Take on Anesthesia Information Management Systems
Healthcare Management Consulting 2016:
(Mostly) Great Options for Tackling Healthcare's Biggest Challenges
Alarm Management 2016:
Which Vendors Are Best Positioned to Help Reduce Notification Fatigue?
Keystone Summit 2016:
Population Health IT Definition
CDS 2016:
Providers Expect EMRs to Drive CDS Impact
Claims and Clearinghouse 2016 (Large Organizations):
Who Delivers the Guidance and Tools Providers Need?
2016 Best in KLAS Awards:
Medical Equipment
Healthcare Consulting 2016:
Who Can Help with Current and Future Needs?
Care Management 2016:
Changing Market, Changing Needs
Ambulatory RCM Services 2016:
Who Best Meets Needs in This Exploding Market?
Portable X-Ray 2016:
New Provider Preferences Reshaping the Market
Healthcare CRM 2016:
Wide Variation in Provider Goals and Vendor Performance
Scheduling 2016 - Staff, Nurse, and Physician:
Are Vendors Delivering Promised Technology?
Optimization Services 2016:
Driving Outcomes from Implementation to Performance Improvement
Computer-Assisted Coding 2016:
Who Is Delivering Promised Value in ICD-10?
Smart Pumps 2016:
The Quest for Patient Safety
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2016 Q4
2016 Midterm Performance Review:
Software & Services
Core Payer Platforms 2016:
New Payvider Market Meets Old Technology
Population Health Perception 2016:
Vendors Find their Place in Providers' Plans
RTLS 2016:
Who Can Deliver Value Beyond The Basics?
Best in KLAS Imaging Modalities Insights
Imaging Modality Trends (Large Organizations):
Significant Changes On The Horizon
Healthcare Price Transparency Solutions 2016:
An Early Look
Tomosynthesis 2016:
Can GE and Siemens Compete with Hologic?
Patient Outreach 2016:
Driving Outcomes – From No-Shows to Better Health
HIT Purchasing Trends 2016 (U.S.):
The Shift From Foundational to Transformational IT
Value-Based Care Timing 2016:
The Transition from Fee-For-Service
Natural Language Processing:
Glimpses Into the Future of Unstructured Data Mining
Epic Consulting 2016:
Which Firms Provide Breadth, Depth, and Expertise?
Ambulatory Specialty 2016:
One Size Does Not Fit All
Oncology 2016:
Navigating the Oncology IT Road Map
Outpatient Pharmacy 2016:
Who Is Meeting Today's Demands?
Imaging IT Landscape 2016:
Enterprise Platform
Pharmacy 2016:
Are You Partnered to Reduce Costs?
HIE 2016:
Shifts in Vendor Performance and Provider Outlook
Revenue Cycle Future Plans:
Providers Weigh Integration, Functionality, and Clinical Decisions
2016 Acute EMR Buying Decisions:
EMR Replacements Heating Up
Ambulatory EMR Purchasing:
Enterprise-Wide Considerations Reshaping Market
Cerner/Siemens Acquisition:
Soarian Migration in High Gear
Keystone Summit 2015:
Interoperability in the Crosshairs
Ambulatory PM Performance:
Best PM Vendors For Providers' Coming Needs
Enterprise Imaging 2015:
Strategies, Options, and Vendor Performance
Enterprise Healthcare BI:
The Search for Outcomes
Global HIT Trends 2015:
Which Vendors Are Providers Betting On?
Labor and Delivery 2015:
A Deep Look at Integration and Functionality
The Emerging Payvider Market:
Which Vendors Matter Most?
Epic's Global Performance:
An Early Look at Customers Outside the U.S.
Is it Time to Reevaluate My Lab Strategy?:
Laboratory Vendor Market Update 2015
CDI Solutions 2015:
Moving Closer to Documentation Completion
athenahealth vs. eClinicalWorks:
Which Suite Best Meets Your Independent Practice's Needs?
Women's Imaging 2015:
Are New Technologies Delivering Promised Benefits?
MEDITECH Consulting:
Which Firms Are Ready to Support Providers' Varied Consulting Needs?
IT Outsourcing 2015:
Strategic Partnering Boosts Operational Benefits
How are Providers Managing Specialty Drugs?:
A KLAS Brief on the Specialty Pharmacy Market
HIM Services Performance 2015:
Coding, Transcription, Release of Information
Implementation Potholes 2015:
How to Smooth Out the Ride
Are All Dose Monitoring Solutions Created Equal? Early Trends in an Emerging Market
Integration Engines 2015:
Corepoint Outperforms All BIK Winners
Getting More Value & Avoiding Surprises:
A Detailed Look at Imaging Vendor Performance
Patient Portals 2015:
Who’s Driving Meaningful Patient Interaction?
Revenue Cycle Services 2015:
Can Firms Help Providers Adapt to the Changing Revenue Cycle Environment?
Healthcare BI:
Moving Towards the Continuum of Care
dbMotion 2015:
A Reality Check
Global EMR Trends:
Which EMR Should You Choose?
ICD-10 Preparation:
Which Firm Has the Most Implementation Expertise?
HIM Purchasing Plans 2015:
Which Solutions are Considered for the Future?
10 Trends of 2014 You May Have Missed
2014 Midterm Performance Review:
Medical Equipment and Infrastructure
Ambulatory EMR 2015:
Key Findings From the Past 16 Months
IV Robots & Workflow Management 2014:
Is It Time to Adopt?
ACO Payers 2014:
Le Tour de Risk
Cerner/Siemens Acquisition 2014:
A Side-By-Side Look at the Data
Epic Consulting 2014:
The Bumper Crop of Epic Consulting Firms
Radiation Therapy 2014:
The Fight Against Cancer Is Heating Up
Ambulatory EMR Impact on Patient Care 2014:
Bases Loaded, but No Home Runs
DR Mobile 2014:
Loyalty Tested
Human Capital Management 2014:
Just Efficient Is Not Sufficient
InterSystems Global 2014:
An Early Look at TrakCare around the World
Image Exchange 2014:
Delivering Added Value in an Enterprise World
Clinical Market Share 2014:
Competition Mounts as Markets Collide
Computed Tomography (CT) - 64-Slice Product Comparison Report 2014
CV/IR X-Ray Product Comparison Report 2014
Digital Mammography Product Comparison Report 2014
Digital X-Ray Product Comparison Report 2014
Cardiovascular Ultrasound Product Comparison Report 2014
General Imaging Ultrasound Product Comparison Report 2014
MR 1.5 T Product Comparison Report 2014
Epic HIE 2014:
Everywhere, Elsewhere, or Nowhere Else?
Long-Term Care 2014:
Which vendors deliver on the fundamentals?
Outsourced Coding 2014:
Do You Have Enough Resources for the ICD-10 Transition?
CT 2014:
What Can You Do With Less?
Epic Enters the Community Space:
Collaboration Brings Synergies with Smaller Organizations
Weathering Change:
Merge Healthcare Imaging Suite 2014
Homecare 2014:
Vendor Readiness to Meet New Demands
KeyStone Summit 2014:
Avoid Magical Thinking
Revenue Cycle Outsourcing 2013:
Tools, Expertise, and Resources Key to Improved Collections
Ambulatory EMR (11-75 Physicians):
Can Any Vendor Set a High Standard?
Clinical Decision Support 2013:
Sizing Up Point-of-Care Reference Tools
EMR Technology Perception 2013:
Separating Fact From Fiction
Teleradiology 2013:
Serving the Emergency Department
Infection Control 2013:
High Performers Abound
Image Exchange 2013:
A Close Look at Accelarad
Cerner Global 2013:
A Detailed Look Outside the United States
McKesson Paragon 2013:
Balancing the Risk & the Reward
Accenture U.S. Provider Consulting 2013:
An Analysis of Accenture's DNA
PatientKeeper 2013:
A New Take on Inpatient CPOE
Image Archive 2013:
Finding Out What Is In Store For VNA
Advanced Visualization 2013:
How Advanced Is It?
CDS Surveillance 2013:
Impacting Outcomes
Cerner CommunityWorks 2013:
Newer Kid on the Block
Telehealth 2013:
Piecing the Puzzle Together
UK GP System Performance 2013:
Making An Informed Decision
A Lot of Ground to Cover
ECG 2013:
Interfacing Is the Heart of the Matter
Post-Acute Care Perception 2013:
High Hopes and Big Plans
Patient Flow 2013:
Mapping Hospital Operations
UK PACS 2013:
The View Is Changing
Echocardiography 2013:
2D or Not 2D?
Cloud Computing Perception:
The Hybrid Cloud in Healthcare
UK and Ireland EPR/PAS Performance 2013:
A Peer Review of Current Experience
Agfa HealthCare 2013:
Partnering With Agfa in 2013
EDIS 2013:
Revealing the Physicians' Voice
ICD-10 Perception:
Can Technology Relieve Readiness Issues?
Radiology PACS Technology:
The World Looks Under The Covers
Siemens CT:
How Stellar Can A Detector Be?
KLAS Pharmacy Buyers Guide 2012
KLAS Medical Imaging Buyers Guide 2012
Intelerad InteleOne:
A KLAS Innovation Review
Mobile Healthcare Applications:
Can Enterprise Vendors Keep Up?
England’s EPR Perception 2012:
Supplier Mindshare Post NPfIT
Anesthesia Cabinets:
Is My Automation Vendor Ready?
Rapid Growth of Meaningful Use Consulting:
Why Providers Are Reaching Out
HIE Consulting:
Leveraging Third-Party Expertise for HIE Success
Navigating the Sea of Epic Consulting Firms
SaaS EMR 2012:
Is It For You?
Proton Therapy 2012:
Dollars, Decisions, and Debates
Microsoft Amalga 2012:
The Price of Flexibility
Urgent Care 2012:
A Host of EMR Options
Meaningful Use Attestation 2012:
Early Birds Take Flight
A Paradigm Shift
Medical Device Integration 2012:
Proven Connections
Application Hosting:
Dynamic Changes Bring Providers Better Options
HIE Perception 2011:
Public or Private?
Path to Cloud Computing Foggy:
Perception Study 2011
MEDITECH V.6 2011:
Expectations Meet Reality
Epic Beaker:
Ready or Not?
CPOE 2011:
The ARRA Effect
PET/CT 2011:
New Technologies in Focus
Inventory Management in Pharmacy Automation:
Seeking Efficiency in a Complex Process
Clinical Implementation Services:
High in Demand but More Specialized in Need
Extended Business Office Services:
Money Talks
Internal Wireless Voice Communication System:
Improving Patient Care and Satisfaction by Staying Connected
Winning with Service and Reliability:
CR Review 2011
Enterprise Scheduling:
Best-of-Breeds and Shifting Provider Strategies
A Provider's Guide to MEDITECH Consulting Firms
Surgery Management 2010:
In Pursuit of Advanced Functionality
Single Sign On:
To Identity Management and Beyond
Transcription Services:
Competition, Technology, Consolidation
RAC Management Vendors:
Early Leaders Among Rising Awareness
Siemens Soarian:
Making Strides in Clinical Adoption
Personal Health Records (PHRs):
Strategies Taking Shape
Staff Scheduling:
The Rising Demand for Workforce Management Suites
Shifting Demand for Consultants:
Who's Hot, Who's Not, and Why
Getting to Stimulus Funding:
Which Consultants Can Help?
KLAS HIT Buyers Guide 2010
The Merger, the Upgrade and What it Means Today
Earning a Seat at the Table
Enterprise DMI:
Finding the Right Stepping-Stone to Full EMR
Closing the IT Gap:
Critical Access to 50 Bed Hospitals
Meditech Version 6:
A Strong Step Forward?
Staying on Target with ERP Implementations:
A Report on Healthcare Consulting Firms
Executive Reaction to the Stimulus Package 2009
For Better or Worse:
A Report for Providers on Healthcare IT Mergers and Acquisitions
KLAS EMR Toolkit:
A Healthcare Provider Resource for Stimulus-Related Technology Decisions
The Rise of eClinicalWorks:
Separating Fact from Fiction
Maximizing Your Consulting Investment:
A Report on Healthcare IT Consulting Services
Beyond the CIS:
Why are hospitals buying aggregation solutions
High-Volume Unit Dose Packaging 2008
Medication Administration Barcoding at the Point Of Contact (BPOC) 2008
CVIS Perception 2007
Top 20:
2007 Best in KLAS
Hand-Carried Ultrasound 2007
Cardiology PACS 2007
Ambulatory EMR (100+) 2007
Nursing Adoption of IT:
A Look from the Inside Out 2007
Top 20:
2007 Mid-Year Report Card
PACS Perception 2007
Software Quality
Ambulatory EMR Report 2007 (Over 25 Physician Practices)
Professional Services Perception 2007
Clinical and Financial ERP Implementation
CIS/CPOE 2006 Perception
Computed and Digital Radiography (CR/DR) Perception Study 2006
Revenue Cycle Consulting - Transformation Report 2006
Revenue Cycle - New Technology Report 2006
Clinical Workflow Perception Report 2006
Closed-Loop Medication Management Solutions Report 2005
Time and Attendance Market Review 2005
Clinical Portals Report 2005
Core Clinical Systems:
On Time Delivery Report 2005
Patient Safety Report 2005
Diagnostic Imaging Package
Business Decision Support Systems Report 2005