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Improving EHRs Globally
Improving EHRs Globally:
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report 2019
How Aligned Are Provider Organizations with the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) Guidelines?
How Aligned Are Provider Organizations with the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) Guidelines?:
A KLAS-CHIME White Paper
Outsourced Revenue Cycle Services 2019
Outsourced Revenue Cycle Services 2019:
Are Outsourced Revenue Cycle Services Worth the Investment?
HIT Advisory Services 2019
HIT Advisory Services 2019:
Seasoned vs. Developing Firms
Healthcare IT Investor Update
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2019 Q2
Radiation Therapy 2019
Radiation Therapy 2019:
Relationships a Key Driver of Value
Emerging Acute Care EMRs 2019
Emerging Acute Care EMRs 2019:
Status of New Offerings from athenahealth, eClinicalWorks, Epic, and MEDITECH
Payer IT Consulting 2019
Payer IT Consulting 2019:
Which Firms Can Adapt to Meet the Complex IT Needs of Payer Organizations?
Opioid Prescription Intelligence 2019
Opioid Prescription Intelligence 2019:
Providers Realizing Improved Opioid-Prescribing Outcomes
Practice Management (11+ Physicians) 2019
Practice Management (11+ Physicians) 2019:
Big Changes in a Highly Established Market
Can My EHR Get Me There?
Can My EHR Get Me There?:
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report 2019
Successful Users’ Keys to EHR Satisfaction
Successful Users’ Keys to EHR Satisfaction:
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report 2019
Cerner Revenue Cycle Management
Cerner Revenue Cycle Management:
Has Cerner Changed Course?
Global (Non-US) EMR Market Share 2019
Global (Non-US) EMR Market Share 2019:
Large Public Tenders Shape 2018 EMR Landscape
US Hospital EMR Market Share 2019
US Hospital EMR Market Share 2019:
Significant Movement in Every Market Sector
Emerging Technology Spotlight
Emerging Technology Spotlight:
RTLS 2019
RTLS 2019:
Exploring Attainable Outcomes with Deep Adopters
ERP 2019
ERP 2019:
Performance in the Cloud
Precision Medicine Implementer's Guide 2019
Precision Medicine Implementer's Guide 2019
Patient Privacy Monitoring 2019:
Who Stands Out in a Highly Competitive Market?
Clearing the Way to Value-Based Care Success:
PHM Cornerstone Summit White Paper 2019
The Nurse EHR Experience:
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report 2019
Decision Insights 2019:
National Trends
IV Compounding 2019:
New Options Garner Consideration, But Traditional Solutions Still Outperform
Medical Oncology 2019:
Customer Pain Points and Critical Success Areas
Infection Control 2019:
An Early Look at Innovative Technologies
Quality Management 2019:
The Search for a One-Stop Shop
Are EMRAM Stage 7 Physicians More Successful?:
A 2019 KLAS–HIMSS Analytics Collaboration
Interoperability 2019:
Vendor Success in Making Outside Data Usable
Legacy Data Archiving 2019:
A First Look at a Changing Market
Patient Engagement 2019:
Current and Future Trends in Vendor Selection
Home Health 2019:
Decision Insights Report
Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (10 or Fewer Physicians) 2019:
Building Strong Foundations for Customer Success
Emerging HCIT Companies 2019:
Innovative Approaches to Tackling Healthcare's Problems
2019 Best in KLAS:
2019 Best in KLAS:
Global (Non-US)
Middle East EMR 2019:
An In-Depth Look at Regional Performance and Market Share
Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (10 or Fewer Physicians) 2018:
Decision Insights Report
Population Health Management 2018, Part 1:
Partnering and Guidance - The X Factors to PHM Success
AMS & Help Desk 2018:
Which Firms Are Exceeding Expectations and How?
Value-Based Care Managed Services 2018:
The Art of Possible
Operational Command Centers 2018:
An Underutilized Approach to Improving Efficiency and Outcomes
Cerner Revenue Cycle Management 2018:
Commitment Made Versus Commitments Kept
Orthopedic EMR 2018:
Who Meets the Needs of Orthopedic Practices?
Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2018:
Which Telehealth Vendors Have The Scalability Customers Need?
Clinical Surveillance 2018:
Alerts Are Leading to Better Outcomes
Cardiovascular Structured Reporting 2018:
Who Can Set Clinicians Up For Success?
Healthcare Management Consulting 2018:
Who Can Help with Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges?—An Executive Perspective
Speech Recognition—Front-End EMR 2018:
Decision Insights Report
Improving the EHR Experience Through Personalization:
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report
Precision Medicine Provider Validations 2018:
The Voice of the Provider - Report 2 of 2
Patient Engagement Keystone Summit White Paper
Global EMR Performance 2018:
Spotlight on Regional Performance
Ambulatory EHR (11+ Physicians) 2018:
Decision Insights Report
Secure Communication 2018:
Decision Insights Report
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q4
EHR Mastery—Scribes and Voice Recognition Not the Answer (Yet):
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report
Opioid Management Perception 2018:
EMR Vendors Being Pushed to Center Stage
PACS 2018:
Achieving Success from Selection to Go-Live
Medical Device Security 2018:
What Are the Greatest Challenges and How Can They be Overcome? CHIME Edition
EHR Mastery—The Impact of Training:
An Arch Collaborative Impact Report
Medical Device Security 2018:
What Are the Greatest Challenges, and How Can They Be Overcome?
Behavioral Health 2018:
A First Look at Behavioral Health EHR Performance
DHIS 2018—An Innovation Dilemma:
Truly Activating Patients in Their Own Care
Remote Patient Monitoring 2018:
High Potential in a Shifting Landscape
Ambulatory Therapy/Rehab 2018:
A Closer Look at the Specialty EMR Vendors
Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) 2018:
Workflows and Prioritization Drive Quality and Financial Outcomes
Release of Information (ROI) 2018:
Who Delivers Most Consistently Across Customers?
Patient Access 2018:
A Deeper Dive Into Broad Adoption
European EMR 2018
Physician Scheduling 2018:
Cost-Effective Gains in Efficiency
Nurse & Staff Scheduling 2018:
Cost-Reducing Convenience & Mobility
Worksite Health Services 2018:
A First Look at Firms’ Performance
Healthcare Business Intelligence 2018:
Who’s Advancing Data Analytics & Infrastructure?
Emerging HCIT Companies 2018
Go-Live Support 2018:
The Bar Has Been Raised, Which Firms Can Meet It?
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q3
Smart Pumps 2018:
Deeper Partnering Needed
Precision Medicine Vendor Validations 2018:
The Voice of the Vendor - Report 1 of 2
Patient Intake Management 2018:
Solutions for a More Efficient Practice
Payer Quality and Risk Analytics 2018:
Different Options for Different Needs
Digital Rounding 2018:
A First Look at Digital Rounding Vendor Performance
HIT Assessment & Strategic Planning 2018:
Which Firms Partner to Exceed Expectations?
US Hospital EMR Market Share 2018:
Small Hospitals Hungry for New Technology
Enterprise Imaging 2018:
How Top Organizations and Vendors Are Achieving Outcomes
NHS Interoperability 2018:
Data-Sharing Efforts, Obstacles, and Progress in England
Apple Health Records 2018:
Early Participants Weigh In
Front-End Speech 2018:
Insights from Organizations with the Highest Adoption
Medication Inventory Management 2018:
How Well Are Vendors Positioned to Close the Gaps?
Patient Accounting 2018:
Transitioning from Legacy Systems
Clinical Process Improvement 2018:
Paving the Way for Improved Clinical Processes
Community (1–200 Beds) HIS 2018:
Innovation Wanted
Credentialing 2018:
Options Abound
Decision Insights Report 2018:
National Trends & Best Practices
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q2
Cornerstone Summit 2018—Enterprise Imaging:
An Operational Approach to Driving Enterprise Imaging Outcomes
Post–Acute Care 2018:
Providers' Simple Request
Healthcare Consulting and Services 2018:
Which Firms Deliver a True Partnering Experience?
Artificial Intelligence in Imaging 2018:
Early Adopters Speak Out
Performance Global de PEP 2017:
Mantendo o Ritmo em um Mercado em Transformação
Clinical Mobility 2018:
Leveraging a Smartphone Strategy
Outsourced Coding 2018:
Value-Adds Key in Evolving Market
Worksite Health Services 2018:
Market Introduction and Vendor Guide
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2018 Q1
2018 Best in KLAS:
Global Non-US
Patient Communications 2017:
How Are Organizations Reaching Out to Patients?
Ambulatory Surgery Centers 2017:
The Evolving Landscape of Ambulatory Surgery Center Solutions
Ambulatory EMR Usability 2017:
Leadership Perceptions of Vendor Performance
Value-Based Care Managed Services 2017:
Achieving Outcomes Through Technology-Enabled Services
Healthcare Management Consulting 2017:
Keeping Pace with a Transforming Market
Data Loss Prevention 2017:
Optimization Support Drives Satisfaction; Few Solutions Used Broadly
Off-Premises Computing Perception 2017:
Energy Shifts to the Cloud
Acute EMR Usability 2017:
Physician Leaders Say There is Still Work to be Done
Ambulatory RCM Services 2017:
Finding Consistent Partners
MEDITECH Web Ambulatory:
Insights into the Early-Adopter Experience
Talent Management 2017:
High Performers in Performance Management
Creating the EMR Advantage:
The Arch Collaborative EMR Best Practices Study
Cornerstone Summit 2017:
Population Health Definition, Outcomes Measurement, and Best Practices
Claims and Denials Management 2017:
Support & New Tools Highly Valued in Well-Established Market
Digital Health Investment Symposium:
Where Do We Need to Focus Future Healthcare Technology Investments?
Continuum of Care 2017:
A Comprehensive Look at EMRs in a Connected Continuum
Global PACS 2017:
Enterprise Imaging Reshaping PACS Decisions
Care Management 2017:
Solutions Struggle to Keep Pace
Managing the Cost of Care:
How Are Provider Organizations Tackling the Cost of Care?
ED Usability 2017:
Enterprise Considerations, Not Workflow, Shaping the Future
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q4
Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017:
Who Is Supporting Healthcare Organizations’ Abilities to Expand Virtual Care?
Emerging Companies 2017
athenahealth for Hospitals:
Insights into the Early-Adopter Experience
Radiation Therapy 2017:
Technology Outpacing Interoperability
Allscripts' McKesson EIS Business Acquisition 2017:
Frustrated Paragon Customers Hope for Quick Development
Cornerstone Summit 2017:
Antimicrobial Stewardship 2017:
AMS Tools Significantly Driving Patient Interventions
Global Healthcare IT Consulting:
Which Firms Are Considered for Implementation and Advisory Work?
Practice Management 2017 (Over 10 Physicians):
Many Vendors Struggle to Provide Consistent Experience across Practice Size
eClinicalWorks 2017:
Snapshot of Customer Reactions to the DOJ Settlement
Smart Pump/EMR Interoperability 2017:
First Look at Interoperability Performance
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q3
Implementation Services 2017
Health Insurance Enrollment Solutions 2017
Interactive Patient Systems 2017:
Turning Interactivity into Outcomes
Patient Flow 2017:
No Reason to Wait
Medical Oncology 2017:
A Medical Oncology Perspective
EMR Improvement Collaborative:
Working Together to Improve EMR Usability
CAPD 2017:
An Early Look
Sepsis 2017:
Which Vendors Can Help?
Freestanding Emergency Centers 2017:
An Early Look at An Emerging Market
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q2
IV Compounding 2017:
Assessing Vendor Offerings for IV Workflow Management and IV Robots
Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017:
An Early Look at the State of Telehealth, A KLAS-CHIME Benchmarking Report
Payer Core Claims and Administration 2017:
The Future Suggests a Bumpy Road
Ultrasound 2017:
What Vendor Strengths Help Providers Succeed?
Payer Quality Analytics 2017:
From Regulatory Reporting to Quality Improvement
Vendor Selection 2017:
Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Consulting Firm
Revenue Cycle Services 2017:
How Do RCS Firms Measure Up to Providers’ Needs?
340B Split Billing 2017:
Who Can Help Providers Adapt to a Changing Market?
Cybersecurity 2017:
Healthcare Provider Security Assessment, A KLAS-CHIME Benchmarking Report
Advanced Visualization 2017:
Comprehensive Options Exist in an Unconsolidated World
Imaging Modality Purchasing Trends 2017 (Smaller Organizations):
Small Market Remains Wide Open
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2017 Q1
Cerner Patient Accounting & Practice Management 2016:
Can My Organization Be Successful?
Global Population Health Perception 2016:
An Early Look at Trends, Technology, and Initiatives Outside the US
Value-Based Care Managed Services 2016:
Technology-Enabled Services to Support Your Transformation to Value
Anesthesia Performance 2016:
A Clinician Take on Anesthesia Information Management Systems
Healthcare Management Consulting 2016:
(Mostly) Great Options for Tackling Healthcare's Biggest Challenges
Alarm Management 2016:
Which Vendors Are Best Positioned to Help Reduce Notification Fatigue?
Keystone Summit 2016:
Population Health IT Definition
CDS 2016:
Providers Expect EMRs to Drive CDS Impact
Claims and Clearinghouse 2016 (Large Organizations):
Who Delivers the Guidance and Tools Providers Need?
2016 Best in KLAS Awards:
Medical Equipment
Healthcare Consulting 2016:
Who Can Help with Current and Future Needs?
Care Management 2016:
Changing Market, Changing Needs
Ambulatory RCM Services 2016:
Who Best Meets Needs in This Exploding Market?
Portable X-Ray 2016:
New Provider Preferences Reshaping the Market
Healthcare CRM 2016:
Wide Variation in Provider Goals and Vendor Performance
Scheduling 2016 - Staff, Nurse, and Physician:
Are Vendors Delivering Promised Technology?
Optimization Services 2016:
Driving Outcomes from Implementation to Performance Improvement
Computer-Assisted Coding 2016:
Who Is Delivering Promised Value in ICD-10?
Smart Pumps 2016:
The Quest for Patient Safety
Healthcare IT Investor Update:
2016 Q4
2016 Midterm Performance Review:
Software & Services
Core Payer Platforms 2016:
New Payvider Market Meets Old Technology
Population Health Perception 2016:
Vendors Find their Place in Providers' Plans
Best in KLAS Imaging Modalities Insights
Imaging Modality Trends (Large Organizations):
Significant Changes On The Horizon
Healthcare Price Transparency Solutions 2016:
An Early Look
Tomosynthesis 2016:
Can GE and Siemens Compete with Hologic?
Patient Outreach 2016:
Driving Outcomes – From No-Shows to Better Health
HIT Purchasing Trends 2016 (U.S.):
The Shift From Foundational to Transformational IT
Value-Based Care Timing 2016:
The Transition from Fee-For-Service
Natural Language Processing:
Glimpses Into the Future of Unstructured Data Mining
Epic Consulting 2016:
Which Firms Provide Breadth, Depth, and Expertise?
Oncology 2016:
Navigating the Oncology IT Road Map
Ambulatory Specialty 2016:
One Size Does Not Fit All
Outpatient Pharmacy 2016:
Who Is Meeting Today's Demands?
Imaging IT Landscape 2016:
Enterprise Platform
Pharmacy 2016:
Are You Partnered to Reduce Costs?
HIE 2016:
Shifts in Vendor Performance and Provider Outlook
Ambulatory EMR Purchasing:
Enterprise-Wide Considerations Reshaping Market
2016 Acute EMR Buying Decisions:
EMR Replacements Heating Up
Cerner/Siemens Acquisition:
Soarian Migration in High Gear
Keystone Summit 2015:
Interoperability in the Crosshairs
Ambulatory PM Performance:
Best PM Vendors For Providers' Coming Needs
Enterprise Imaging 2015:
Strategies, Options, and Vendor Performance
Enterprise Healthcare BI:
The Search for Outcomes
Global HIT Trends 2015:
Which Vendors Are Providers Betting On?
Labor and Delivery 2015:
A Deep Look at Integration and Functionality
The Emerging Payvider Market:
Which Vendors Matter Most?
Epic's Global Performance:
An Early Look at Customers Outside the U.S.
Is it Time to Reevaluate My Lab Strategy?:
Laboratory Vendor Market Update 2015
CDI Solutions 2015:
Moving Closer to Documentation Completion
Women's Imaging 2015:
Are New Technologies Delivering Promised Benefits?
athenahealth vs. eClinicalWorks:
Which Suite Best Meets Your Independent Practice's Needs?
MEDITECH Consulting:
Which Firms Are Ready to Support Providers' Varied Consulting Needs?
IT Outsourcing 2015:
Strategic Partnering Boosts Operational Benefits
How are Providers Managing Specialty Drugs?:
A KLAS Brief on the Specialty Pharmacy Market
HIM Services Performance 2015:
Coding, Transcription, Release of Information
Implementation Potholes 2015:
How to Smooth Out the Ride
Are All Dose Monitoring Solutions Created Equal? Early Trends in an Emerging Market
Integration Engines 2015:
Corepoint Outperforms All BIK Winners
Getting More Value & Avoiding Surprises:
A Detailed Look at Imaging Vendor Performance
Patient Portals 2015:
Who’s Driving Meaningful Patient Interaction?
Revenue Cycle Services 2015:
Can Firms Help Providers Adapt to the Changing Revenue Cycle Environment?
Healthcare BI:
Moving Towards the Continuum of Care
dbMotion 2015:
A Reality Check
Global EMR Trends:
Which EMR Should You Choose?
HIM Purchasing Plans 2015:
Which Solutions are Considered for the Future?
ICD-10 Preparation:
Which Firm Has the Most Implementation Expertise?
10 Trends of 2014 You May Have Missed
2014 Midterm Performance Review:
Medical Equipment and Infrastructure
Ambulatory EMR 2015:
Key Findings From the Past 16 Months
IV Robots & Workflow Management 2014:
Is It Time to Adopt?
ACO Payers 2014:
Le Tour de Risk
Cerner/Siemens Acquisition 2014:
A Side-By-Side Look at the Data
Epic Consulting 2014:
The Bumper Crop of Epic Consulting Firms
Radiation Therapy 2014:
The Fight Against Cancer Is Heating Up
DR Mobile 2014:
Loyalty Tested
Human Capital Management 2014:
Just Efficient Is Not Sufficient
InterSystems Global 2014:
An Early Look at TrakCare around the World
Image Exchange 2014:
Delivering Added Value in an Enterprise World
Clinical Market Share 2014:
Competition Mounts as Markets Collide
Computed Tomography (CT) - 64-Slice Product Comparison Report 2014
Digital X-Ray Product Comparison Report 2014
Digital Mammography Product Comparison Report 2014
CV/IR X-Ray Product Comparison Report 2014
General Imaging Ultrasound Product Comparison Report 2014
MR 1.5 T Product Comparison Report 2014
Cardiovascular Ultrasound Product Comparison Report 2014
Long-Term Care 2014:
Which vendors deliver on the fundamentals?
Epic HIE 2014:
Everywhere, Elsewhere, or Nowhere Else?
Outsourced Coding 2014:
Do You Have Enough Resources for the ICD-10 Transition?
CT 2014:
What Can You Do With Less?
Epic Enters the Community Space:
Collaboration Brings Synergies with Smaller Organizations
Weathering Change:
Merge Healthcare Imaging Suite 2014
Homecare 2014:
Vendor Readiness to Meet New Demands
KeyStone Summit 2014:
Avoid Magical Thinking
Revenue Cycle Outsourcing 2013:
Tools, Expertise, and Resources Key to Improved Collections
Ambulatory EMR (11-75 Physicians):
Can Any Vendor Set a High Standard?
Clinical Decision Support 2013:
Sizing Up Point-of-Care Reference Tools
EMR Technology Perception 2013:
Separating Fact From Fiction
Teleradiology 2013:
Serving the Emergency Department
Image Exchange 2013:
A Close Look at Accelarad
Cerner Global 2013:
A Detailed Look Outside the United States
McKesson Paragon 2013:
Balancing the Risk & the Reward
Accenture U.S. Provider Consulting 2013:
An Analysis of Accenture's DNA
PatientKeeper 2013:
A New Take on Inpatient CPOE
Image Archive 2013:
Finding Out What Is In Store For VNA
Advanced Visualization 2013:
How Advanced Is It?
CDS Surveillance 2013:
Impacting Outcomes
Cerner CommunityWorks 2013:
Newer Kid on the Block
Telehealth 2013:
Piecing the Puzzle Together
UK GP System Performance 2013:
Making An Informed Decision
A Lot of Ground to Cover
ECG 2013:
Interfacing Is the Heart of the Matter
Post-Acute Care Perception 2013:
High Hopes and Big Plans
Patient Flow 2013:
Mapping Hospital Operations
UK PACS 2013:
The View Is Changing
Echocardiography 2013:
2D or Not 2D?
Cloud Computing Perception:
The Hybrid Cloud in Healthcare
UK and Ireland EPR/PAS Performance 2013:
A Peer Review of Current Experience
Agfa HealthCare 2013:
Partnering With Agfa in 2013
EDIS 2013:
Revealing the Physicians' Voice
ICD-10 Perception:
Can Technology Relieve Readiness Issues?
Radiology PACS Technology:
The World Looks Under The Covers
Siemens CT:
How Stellar Can A Detector Be?
KLAS Pharmacy Buyers Guide 2012
KLAS Medical Imaging Buyers Guide 2012
Intelerad InteleOne:
A KLAS Innovation Review
Mobile Healthcare Applications:
Can Enterprise Vendors Keep Up?
England’s EPR Perception 2012:
Supplier Mindshare Post NPfIT
Anesthesia Cabinets:
Is My Automation Vendor Ready?
Rapid Growth of Meaningful Use Consulting:
Why Providers Are Reaching Out
HIE Consulting:
Leveraging Third-Party Expertise for HIE Success
Navigating the Sea of Epic Consulting Firms
SaaS EMR 2012:
Is It For You?
Proton Therapy 2012:
Dollars, Decisions, and Debates
Microsoft Amalga 2012:
The Price of Flexibility
Urgent Care 2012:
A Host of EMR Options
Meaningful Use Attestation 2012:
Early Birds Take Flight
A Paradigm Shift
Medical Device Integration 2012:
Proven Connections
Application Hosting:
Dynamic Changes Bring Providers Better Options
HIE Perception 2011:
Public or Private?
Path to Cloud Computing Foggy:
Perception Study 2011
MEDITECH V.6 2011:
Expectations Meet Reality
Epic Beaker:
Ready or Not?
Inventory Management in Pharmacy Automation:
Seeking Efficiency in a Complex Process
CPOE 2011:
The ARRA Effect
PET/CT 2011:
New Technologies in Focus
Clinical Implementation Services:
High in Demand but More Specialized in Need
Extended Business Office Services:
Money Talks
Internal Wireless Voice Communication System:
Improving Patient Care and Satisfaction by Staying Connected
Winning with Service and Reliability:
CR Review 2011
Enterprise Scheduling:
Best-of-Breeds and Shifting Provider Strategies
A Provider's Guide to MEDITECH Consulting Firms
Surgery Management 2010:
In Pursuit of Advanced Functionality
Single Sign On:
To Identity Management and Beyond
Transcription Services:
Competition, Technology, Consolidation
RAC Management Vendors:
Early Leaders Among Rising Awareness
Siemens Soarian:
Making Strides in Clinical Adoption
Personal Health Records (PHRs):
Strategies Taking Shape
Shifting Demand for Consultants:
Who's Hot, Who's Not, and Why
Getting to Stimulus Funding:
Which Consultants Can Help?
KLAS HIT Buyers Guide 2010
The Merger, the Upgrade and What it Means Today
Earning a Seat at the Table
Enterprise DMI:
Finding the Right Stepping-Stone to Full EMR
Closing the IT Gap:
Critical Access to 50 Bed Hospitals
Meditech Version 6:
A Strong Step Forward?
Staying on Target with ERP Implementations:
A Report on Healthcare Consulting Firms
Executive Reaction to the Stimulus Package 2009
For Better or Worse:
A Report for Providers on Healthcare IT Mergers and Acquisitions
KLAS EMR Toolkit:
A Healthcare Provider Resource for Stimulus-Related Technology Decisions
The Rise of eClinicalWorks:
Separating Fact from Fiction
Maximizing Your Consulting Investment:
A Report on Healthcare IT Consulting Services
Beyond the CIS:
Why are hospitals buying aggregation solutions
High-Volume Unit Dose Packaging 2008
Medication Administration Barcoding at the Point Of Contact (BPOC) 2008
CVIS Perception 2007
Top 20:
2007 Best in KLAS
Hand-Carried Ultrasound 2007
Cardiology PACS 2007
Ambulatory EMR (100+) 2007
Nursing Adoption of IT:
A Look from the Inside Out 2007
Top 20:
2007 Mid-Year Report Card
PACS Perception 2007
Software Quality
Ambulatory EMR Report 2007 (Over 25 Physician Practices)
Professional Services Perception 2007
Clinical and Financial ERP Implementation
CIS/CPOE 2006 Perception
Computed and Digital Radiography (CR/DR) Perception Study 2006
Revenue Cycle Consulting - Transformation Report 2006
Revenue Cycle - New Technology Report 2006
Clinical Workflow Perception Report 2006
Closed-Loop Medication Management Solutions Report 2005
Time and Attendance Market Review 2005
Clinical Portals Report 2005
Core Clinical Systems:
On Time Delivery Report 2005
Patient Safety Report 2005
Diagnostic Imaging Package
Business Decision Support Systems Report 2005