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 Upcoming Reports

Patient Engagement Ecosystem 2021:
How Has the Industry Progressed?
Patient engagement technology continues to be offered by a large group of vendors aiming to solve varied, complex challenges—leading to the need for clarity about what capabilities vendors offer to meet provider and payer organizations’ core needs. This study, along with additional deep-dive content on KLAS’ website, seeks to show which vendors report the broadest capability sets, which vendors made the most progress over the last two years, and how the industry as a whole has matured. For reader ease, links to relevant online content are provided where applicable. Note that the data in this report is based on vendor-reported information.
Shared Smart Devices 2020:
The Latest Generation of Devices for Nurses
Shared smart devices are devices used by multiple care team members—mainly nurses but also some hospitalists and therapists—within the walls of the hospital. These devices are increasingly popular in healthcare as a means of improving communication and potentially consolidating the nurse toolbelt. In this high-level update to KLAS’ 2018 clinical mobility report, KLAS spoke to organizations using the latest devices from Apple, Vocera, or Zebra (about 10 customers per device). Have new models addressed older versions’ challenges with connectivity, call quality, durability, and battery life? Which devices best meet customer needs? Do Apple and Zebra continue with high mindshare, and what (if any) adoption have Ascom, Samsung, or Spectralink generated? Where does Vocera fit in the market landscape?
Delivering Customer Success in a Time of Crisis, Part 1:
Guide for Vendor Success during COVID-19

To support the healthcare community in this time of crisis, KLAS recently published a solutions guide highlighting various technologies and services healthcare organizations can use in the fight against COVID-19. Approximately 200 HIT companies and services firms are represented in the guide. While vendors have taken a positive step in making these solutions available, an organization’s success with any given offering will be determined in no small part by the vendor’s ability to deliver. KLAS feels our broad perspective on customer experience can help both healthcare organizations and vendors be successful in tackling COVID-19.

To that end, this white paper examines three areas in which vendor delivery, if not done correctly, can potentially damage customer relationships and prevent customers from achieving long-term success. These red flags are based on customer feedback about how vendors are responding to the current crisis and on general best practices KLAS has identified in over 20 years of customer experience research.

Our hope is that highlighting potential pitfalls and best practices will help vendors, who have already moved mountains to help the industry, continue their work of helping healthcare organizations achieve short-term and long-term success.

Note: All current KLAS members will receive a deeper dive into these insights during their yearly executive session.

Value-Based Care Consulting 2019:
Finding the Best Fit in a High-Performing Market
Transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care (VBC) is a top-of-mind concern for healthcare organizations. However, previous KLAS research has revealed that VBC transformation is also the area in which healthcare executives are least familiar with which firms are well positioned to help. This report examines nine firms that provide value-based care consulting services to explore the types of work these firms do (and for who), how consistently the firms perform across clients, the outcomes they deliver, and the factors that drive these outcomes.
Remote Patient Monitoring 2019:
The New Age of RPM
Almost all users of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions get measurable outcomes (see KLAS’ 2018 RPM report), but because of factors like value-based care, new reimbursement options, and consumer-focused technology, the market and customer expectations are evolving. 

This report, KLAS’ first look at RPM vendor performance, investigates how vendors fare at transitioning away from the old paradigm of rigid, hardware-based products to the new age of RPM—in which solutions empower patients and facilitate expansion of RPM use cases. Which vendors offer the technology, support, and flexibility that provider organizations need to grow their RPM programs?