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Philips's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Centralized analytics for remote locations

Tele-ICU programs concentrate clinical resources in remote care centers and extends those resources to the bedside via technology, independent of the care center or hospital’s location, enabling an already engaged intensivist to promptly intervene and consistently provide care aligned with best-practices. Having a centralized remote patient monitoring center provides the ability to consolidate and standardize care, reduce transfers while maximizing bed utilization, and support onsite staff. Custom analytic performance dashboards provide data-driven insights on patient metrics and trends. Can include COVID-19 specific data such as patients presenting with symptoms, confirmed diagnosis, patient origin mapping, and trends.

Philips Patient COVID-19 Portal

Medical record exchange portal to facilitate patient transfers

In COVID-19 outbreak we observe an increase in patient transfers between hospitals because of shortage of ICU capacity. As a result, a need for easy, safe and secure exchange of medical information across care settings and regions has emerged. Besides the need of seamless exchange of information, privacy and security also need to be considered. Accessing patient data from other institutions through the Portal can speed up admission and streamline processes. More efficient processes and admissions can save time, which is critical during shortage of resources. Faster access to treatment in turn can potentially decrease the risk of intensive care need.

Virtual Screening COVID-19 tool

COVID-19 Screening and triage tool

Enables individuals to be screened for risk factors and symptoms. Based on survey responses, individuals are provided customized feedback and content. A population-based dashboard is available to healthcare providers to monitor and review breakdown of risk stratification and dynamically filter based on those at greatest risk of disease or symptom progression. Designed for those for who are low risk, to monitor those with mild symptoms (as recommended by the CDC), to reduce the strain on healthcare systems and reduce the risk of further spread.

COVID-19 30-Day Protocol

COVID specific remote monitoring for potentialy infected patients

Philips’ clinical team has configured an eCare Companion 30-day protocol to evaluate and monitor patient populations remotely regarding potential COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, which can be deployed in addition to standard or tailored clinical content and protocols that are available for underlying conditions. The COVID-19 screening survey evaluates an RPM patient’s potential exposure/symptoms related to COVID-19 per CDC guidance. The platform displays the patient’s potential risk based on provided responses.

COVID-19 Global Resource Hub

COVID specific resources and training

COVID-19 Global Resource Hub - As the COVID-19 crisis started globally, healthcare workers in the acute care setting were asked to work in areas of critical need, often unfamiliar with the equipment in a critical care setting. The purpose of the Philips COVID-19 Global Resource Hub is to provide the most relevant education and information about the safe and effective use of our solutions related to caring for patients with COVID-19 in the emergency, acute and post-acute settings. On-line training tutorials, quick reference guides and cleaning/disinfection information are key components to get a clinician up to speed on correct operations of the equipment, whether ventilators, patient monitoring equipment, defibrillators, and/or imaging equipment. Additionally, the resource hub provides information on rapid ICU deployment and options, as well as remote patient management specific for COVID-19 care and follow-up.

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services

COVID-19 Organizational Readiness

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services team is dedicated to helping hospitals and patients during these challenging times, assisting with reconfiguring space and creating alternative care areas as well as supporting command/logistics centers, disaster tents, mass/field triage sites, disaster management, and more.

  • Facility Deployment: support new or temporary healthcare sites and the reconfiguration of existing facilities to care for COVID-19 needs.
  • ED Process Optimization: increase triage process efficiency and overall ED workflow, reduce wait times, and address issues with crowding.
  • Critical Care: Review of clinical workflow, processes, and technology including ventilators and monitoring devices to implement best practices in Critical Care, telemetry, and other inpatient areas.

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