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Omnicell's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Rapid Response Hospital Program                             

Omnicell’s Rapid Response Hospital program was built in response to the COVID-19 health crisis to support Hospitals needing to increase capacity in makeshift alternate care facilities and expanding isolation areas.

Omnicell’s goal is to support customer needs for safe and efficient medication management. Omnicell’s Rapid Response Cabinets are standard configurations that can be integrated into existing infrastructure, for quick deployment of automated medication and supply (i.e PPE) management. If connectivity is required, a hosted cloud-based model is available for rapid deployment.


Omnicell is fast-tracking its XT automated dispensing cabinets to help its customers track inventory and usage, maintain supply, and ensure accuracy. We have options for medication, supply, and anesthesia. All models are pre-configured based on standardized best practices. Cabinets ship in 72 hours, with anticipated arrival 5–7 days after that, depending on logistics.


Omnicell’s Rapid Response Hospital Program also includes the skills and resources needed to ensure our customers are up and running as fast as possible, including:

·        XT remote install support professionals

·        Non-standard deployment experts

·        Database/user management specialists

·        Clinical consultants

Rapid Response Visibility Program

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, Omnicell has created the Rapid Response Visibility Program, which provides daily COVID-19 medication inventory reports for emergency needs.

We understand that hospital pharmacy procurement teams are overwhelmed during the COVID-19 crisis.

To give our customers updated data insight into your COVID-19 medication levels, Omnicell is offering daily Rapid Response Visibility reports —emails containing the most crucial information, to help customers:

·        Redeploy critical medication where it's needed the most

·        Increase par levels in isolation/ICU areas to reduce stocking frequencies

·        Active planning to safeguard COVID-19 medication

·        Easily forward top-line summary of needs to leadership

Specifically, this program provides a view into customer inventory levels and the forecasted burn rate of 75+ medications related to COVID-19, crowd-sourced as most critical to monitor.

Relevant data is gathered from all each customer’s OmniCenter devices, including XT and G-Series Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), Anesthesia Work Station (AWS), Central Pharmacy Manager (CPM), and Controlled Substance Manager (CSM).

Reports are emailed daily as an easy-to-read HTML chart with table sorting, search and export options.

COVID-19 Patient Monitoring Platform

This program was designed to help governments, providers, and payors monitor the progress of the virus for patients who have tested positive or are self-quarantined.

Omnicell’s Omnichannel Communications automated solutions provide a simple check-in tool for quick assessment of health status, tracking, and trending for COVID-19-related monitoring of patient health data to better anticipate care needs through predictive analytics.

Daily patient monitoring

Omnichannel Communications solutions are designed to follow up daily with patients being monitored for COVID-19. When patients opt-in to our solution, they receive periodic calls to monitor and assess their status during the symptomatic phase. The platform also has the capability

to push content such as pertinent, timely information about nearby treatment facility locations and care availability.

Predictive Analytics

Through the Omnicell Patient Engagement platform, state-of-the-art analytics can be leveraged to evaluate trends in population health. Data pulled from Omnichannel Communications daily monitoring calls and messaging can be used to help predict when more or less patients may present themselves for treatment.

Through brief automated conversations, we capture the insight on a specified population is doing with COVID-19.

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