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GE Healthcare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Edison Datalogue Connect
Remote access to shared images and remote viewing capabilities

Share and collaborate on images, cases, and reports quickly and easily:

  • Remote access to shared images and remote viewing capabilities
  • Remove the CD from the workflow entirely to avoid unnecessary COVID-19 exposure
  • Maintain imaging workflow productivity and continuity of workflow
  • Protect doctors by allowing remote access
  • Allow symptomatic doctors to work remotely
  • Flexibility to expand staff to different locations via remote access
  • Easily share data and images on high-risk transfer patients
  • Address new scenarios with flexibility, e.g., field hospitals

Two delivery options:

  • Quick setup option (zero install): Advantages of zero install option include
    • No IT support needed
    • Quick and easy access (within the same day for physicians to self-register and share)
    • See FAQ for description of reduced functionality
  • Networked option (Edge device install): Advantages of the networked option include
    • Customer specific organization
    • Edge device facilitates access to customer PACS

GE’s Commitment: Edison Datalogue Connect provides quick and easy image sharing between physicians, medical staff, and any remote healthcare professional your team needs to collaborate with. Edison Datalogue Connect allows clinicians to share diagnostic quality imaging in a safe, HIPAA-compliant, secure environment quickly and easily when the functionality is needed the most.

Imaging Insights
Improved visibility utilization & throughput, quality & consistency, patient experience, and physician referrals

Current challenge: Imaging departments have to drive results with ad-hoc or limited visibility around several areas including: utilization & throughput, quality & consistency, patient experience and physician referrals.

The solution: Imaging insights with customer success

How it works: it begins with data sourced from machines1 (GE & non-GE), RIS, or both.

ge healthcare imaging insights how it works
  1. Aggregate: Vendor-neutral data aggregation, verified against the machine DICOM Conformance statement, to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons.
  2. Integrate: If RIS integration is chosen, use HL7, query retrieve, or any other methods available
  3. Insights: Practice data, drilldown capability on the fly, organized by machine fleet type, RIS, and improvement opportunity areas
  4. Customer success: Regular touchpoints with an analytics expert to train, pull in needed resources, and help align teams on common objectives plus customer success leader touchpoint engagements during the year to supplement Imaging Insights department-wide data intelligence (IMAGE).

GE’s Commitment

Proven outcomes with specific customers:

  • Rapid deployment: Deploy across modalities for rapid operational improvement
  • Faster patient care: Upwards of 80+ patients/month
  • Improved diagnostic confidence & speed: Protocol harmonization and 2-minute exam reduction, same IQ
  • Enhanced patient experience: Backlog reduction up to 8 weeks; schedule based on actual exam times, adapt challenging procedures
  • Increased staff satisfaction: Predictable working hours, fewer delays and rush hours, shared common goal with team

Express Command Center
Match patients to critical resources dynamically in real time

Two tiles that help match patients to critical resources dynamically in real-time (ICU beds, NP beds, and vents). This avoids having underutilized resources in one place and oversubscribed resources elsewhere. Avoids delays and breakdowns common with manual and spreadsheet-based tracking mechanisms. Already live for hospitals, health systems, and regional cross-health-system collaboratives (with no PHI).

CV19 Critical Resource Tile

  • Real-time, all-the-time awareness of beds (ICU, NP, acute, CV19 target beds, etc.) and vents.
  • Drillable from state to city to region to system to hospital to unit

Infectious Disease Tile

  • Real-time, all-time awareness of patient load, critical bed status, opportunities to downgrade, and various alerts

GE’s Commitment

  • 24x7 turnkey support. User training. Coaching on optimal use. Participation in global community of practice.
  • Delivered 100% remotely.
  • Live within 1 week from data flowing.
  • Traditional or subscription purchase options available. Priced at cost. $0 down. Payment when dust settles.
  • Ongoing support starts after the pandemic is over, or discontinue without issue.

Virtual hospital ICU and ventilated patient management

Prioritize critical patient cases by digitizing hospital-defined protocols, care pathways, and Early Warning Scores. Proactively inform clinical teams, helping them deliver responsive, timely, compliant care across entire system.

  • 3-week install
  • Cloud hosted
  • $0 evaluation until 2/1/2021

Real-Time Population Surveillance

  • Prioritize to help accelerate intervention
  • Manage units across enterprise, toggling between hospitals and care units within your entity
  • Ventilated patients color coded for identification and visualization

Real-Time Patient Snapshot

  • Real-time comprehensive snapshot of patient data
  • Trended and detailed views for all patient values, including vital signs, ventilation, and calculated results
  • Complete overview of current ventilator settings, values, and key ratio calculations

Clinical Decision Support

  • Help drive timebound actions
  • Hospital developed protocols for vent management
  • Patient monitoring trends

MURAL Benefits

  • ARDS & Deterioration Management: Visibility to patient vitals, vent data and dynamic calculations for earlydetection of patient deterioration and ARDS
  • Optimize Vent Management: Can help clinicians reduce patients’ time on ventilators and drive better utilization of ventilators
  • Expand Remote Clinical Consults and assessments with bedside care team collaboration
  • Limit number of direct contact by providing real-time visibility to patient status and trends with remote access
  • Maximize Clinical Resources: Activate virtual care solution to help optimize clinical resources (i.e., intensivist, respiratory therapist, and other specialist)

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