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HST Pathways's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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HST Schedule Sharing
Patient text messaging for surgery centers

HST Pathways and Casetabs have partnered to offer patient text messaging at no additional cost for surgery centers during the COVID-19 crisis. This is a limited-time extension of HST Schedule Sharing, which is currently available at no cost to clients and allows physicians and staff members to view their real-time case schedules remotely via web or mobile app.

The patient-texting offer allows surgery centers to communicate health-related information directly to patients. Using HST Schedule Sharing, surgery center staff members can provide outbound communications to their patients without requiring them to go into the office. The texting capabilities are entirely customizable by the health system as well as the individual center. The text messages may also be used to send information to the patient about his or her surgery in the event it needs to be rescheduled, the signs and symptoms related to COVID-19, and information about preventive measures such as handwashing and social distancing to help patients stay safe.

Across the nation, ambulatory surgery centers are coping with changing business operations in response to the virus. The remote coordination of clinical staff and patient visits that are often scheduled months out is essential as the situation evolves and new guidance becomes available. Incorporating the use of text-based messaging can help outpatient surgery centers quickly provide information to a high volume of patients, with messaging tailored to reflect existing appointments and urgency through the program’s interface with patient records.

Building upon their existing partnership in developing solutions for surgery centers nationwide, HST Pathways and Casetabs will be offering this service as a no-cost benefit for all HST Pathways clients to help ease the burden of the national public health crisis.

Capabilities to help support and protect ASCs as they screen surgery candidates for COVID-19

HST Pathways is now offering a no-cost enhancement for its HSTeChart clients in order to support the needs of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) as they track and report on COVID-19. The new capability will help to support and protect ASCs as they screen surgery candidates for signs or symptoms of the virus.

While many HST Pathways ASC clients already use the concurrent charting, patient management, and data sharing tools of the HSTeChart database, the enhancement integrates the newly added questions specific to COVID-19 into a new Health Screening Report. This new capability will help ASCs capture relevant information to track and trend patient responses for benchmarking and analysis.

The new HSTeChart Health Screening Report includes questions such as: “Have you had physical contact with someone who is suspected of having or has confirmed COVID-19 in the last 30 days?” and “Have you felt feverish, had a cough and/or shortness of breath and/or a new rash over most of your body?” Other questions include, but are not limited to, recent travel, potential exposure to the virus, and symptoms of the illness.

While these questions were added in response to COVID-19, they can also be used to assess the risk of other infectious agents, such as measles or Ebola. ASCs have the ability to run reports at any time to track the impact of the virus on scheduled cases.

HST Pathways included this enhancement as part of its current standard HSTeChart product offering, as of April 10, 2020. More information on HSTeChart is available at hstpathways.com

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