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NextGen Healthcare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Mobile EHR integration
Remote/mobile EMR access, COVID-19 specific workflows, and other technologies to help ambulatory clinics

Mobile-EHR integration

NextGen Mobile enables clinicians to turn any mobile device into a working extension of their medical practice. Physicians and other providers can capture clinical data with ease; document anywhere, anytime; and dictate their notes—which integrate into the EHR.

This saves significant time and reduces documentation burden on clinical staff—tremendous benefits in a time of increasing and unpredictable patient care responsibilities. In addition, the integration can promote social distancing between providers and their care teams by enabling secure messaging through mobile devices.

Virtual Visits Integrated virtual visits

Virtual visits and telehealth have never been more important. Integrated virtual visits help safeguard the health of your patients and staff, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Partner with NextGen Healthcare with OTTO Virtual Visits for increased patient access to care.

Care for your patients safely during the pandemic. In the longer-term, integrated virtual visits also increase patient satisfaction, improve continuity of care, and grow revenue.

From any device, virtual visits:

  • Help prevent the spread of the coronavirus by seeing patients remotely
  • Improve accessibility for patients with limited mobility or in hard-to-reach areas
  • Integrate with your practice workflow (EHR and PM)
  • Expand patient care to after-hours
  • Assist in the management of chronic care
  • Take advantage of new reimbursement for virtual care
  • Manage and refill medications
  • Review lab results, x-rays, and ultrasounds

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