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Relatient's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient outreach resources
Multichannel broadcast messaging, secure messaging, and chat functionality

Medical Offices Are Using the Relatient Platform to Manage and Support Patients and the Community

The fastest way to educate and inform patients and staff is to use automated tools at your fingertips. Relatient is flexible in creating patient and staff communication for unexpected patient care needs and office updates, like the COVID-19 crisis. We want to offer our insights and outreach advice.

Use Tools for Effective Patient Communication

Providers and staff using Relatient have the tools to communicate in the best ways for patients. Texting, calling, and emailing to quickly address health concerns and make a difference in managing patient care and improving your practice efficiency.

  • Broadcast messaging: On-demand messaging via text and email is an easy way to push out important announcements and alerts regarding care, schedules, and office news.
  • Secure messaging: Staff and clinicians can initiate two-way conversations with patients related to prevention and treatment. HIPAA and security protections are available for detailed conversations.
  • Messenger chat: Staff and clinicians can quickly reach out to patients individually one-on-one and handle needs for more conversations via mobile messaging.

Reach Patients Quickly in Different Ways

relatient patient outreach resources ways

Relatient offers you suggested messages for various time-sensitive topics that need your proactive outreach, like updates on COVID-19, including these message samples.

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