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Experian Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Free list of COVID-19 and telehealth payer policy alerts and other administrative and financial tools


Free Consolidation of Payer Alerts for COVID-19:

With the flood of Covid-19 patients entering healthcare facilities, there is obviously a ripple effect to the administrative and financial aspects of the care journey. With payer policies for coding and reimbursement related to COVID-19 changing rapidly, Experian Health is now offering a FREE comprehensive, updated list of COVID-19 and telehealth payer policy alerts for United States hospitals, medical groups, pharmacies and specialty healthcare service organizations. First-time users need to complete a simple welcome form to access the Payer Alerts Portal, but there is no need to establish a formal account. The new alerts, topping more than 1,200, are generated daily.

COVID Outlook and Response Evaluator (CORE) from Experian Health:

Experian has developed an interactive heat map of geographic populations most susceptible to developing severe cases of COVID-19. This is a free tool available to healthcare, government and media users- designed to help understand high risk geographic populations based on individuals’ pre-existing medical conditions, demographic, and social/mobility traits, in order to predict the impact on communities, healthcare organizations and the associated services and organizations serving those populations.

To request your free access and learn more, visit https://www.experian.com/healthcare/covid19-population-risk

Heat map use cases:

·        Inform communication and outreach strategies intended to target high risk populations and align various healthcare, community and government programs based on risk indicators (i.e. health, demographic, social)

·        Inform recovery and “re-opening” strategies relevant to quarantine and social distancing at local, state, and federal levels

·        Contribute data relevant to decisions on future allocation of critical resources (e.g., COVID19 tests, ventilators, medical personnel, patient re-direction for non-COVID19 care)

·        Leverage model to assist decisions directing allocation of CARES stimulus funds to healthcare organizations with greatest future risk

Patient Identity Verification and Authentication:

With patients entering the system via telehealth, patient portals, drive-thru mobile testing and emergency departments, there is a risk of failing to capture the right patient data and authenticate appropriately. This can result in driving up duplicates and overall gaps in data. Experian Health can help streamline and automate access to patient portals and assist with on-demand patient lookups to return critical patient demographic data gaps to support patient outreach on COVID results with our Precise ID and Universal Identity Manager solutions.

Coverage Discovery:

Clinical care teams are being taxed, which has a trickle-down effect on the administrative and financial aspects of healthcare operations. As you consider your overall hospital cash flow during the pandemic, there will certainly be patients entering the system who cannot pay, or who do not have insurance. Additionally, individuals are coming into emergency departments and often being quickly admitted without a robust verification process. Experian Health can help your organization find previously unknown Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance to help eliminate costly self-pay situations, bad debt write-offs and unwarranted charity designations, including scanning the entire accounts receivable system 30, 60 and 90 days after service.


With the huge increase in telehealth volume and complexities involved in managing scheduling for COVID-19 testing, Experian Health has online and call center scheduling solutions to navigate and optimize staff resources for this current environment. Additionally, its solutions will be valuable when the surge of demand for appointments post-pandemic comes to light.

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