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Health Catalyst's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient & Staff Tracker - Public Health Surveillance
Enhancement for case detection, reduction of transmission, and management capacity and supplies

As COVID-19 continues to spread, leaders around the globe are racing to understand and respond to the crisis. Most urgently, US healthcare systems need data-informed surveillance and containment strategies that can rapidly enhance case detection, reduce transmission of this highly infectious disease, and manage capacity and supplies—limiting the danger of system overwhelm and poor outcomes for patients and caregivers. After dozens of conversations with healthcare partners about their challenges, we’ve launched our COVID-19 Response, including seven COVID-19 Solutions. We’re continuously refining these tools with input from pilot organizations and will provide them at no incremental cost through the end of 2020:

Our offerings address the following:

  • Identification of COVID-19-positive patients’ locations, other patients’ risk of exposure, and clinicians and staff interactions
  • Infectious disease surveillance
  • Impact of positive cases and exposures to staff quarantine
  • Lack of resources and lack of automated monitoring for hot spots using local geomapping

The Health Catalyst COVID-19 response includes the following product and services:

  • Patient Flow: Patient & Staff Tracker
  • Patient Safety Monitor Suite: Public Health Surveillance
  • Patient Safety Launch Solution: COVID-19 Module
  • COVID-19 Capacity Planning Tool
  • COVID-19 Disease Registry
  • Touchstone Suite
  • Leading Wisely Application
  • Population Builder
  • Instant Data Entry Application (IDEA)
  • Staff Augmentation Support Services
  • Patient Safety Partnership Services
  • Other Analytics Accelerators:
    • Practice Management: Patient Access
    • Readmissions Explorer
    • Blood Utilization
    • Supply Chain Explorer
    • Infection-Related Analytics Accelerators

Our seven COVID-19 Solutions are as follows:

  • Patient & Staff Tracker: A tailored module of the Health Catalyst Patient Flow Analytics Accelerator, this tool allows partners to track patients who test positive for COVID-19 within the health system setting, including which staff members have interacted with these patients.
  • Public Health Surveillance: This tailored module of the Health Catalyst Patient Safety Monitor Suite: Surveillance Module identifies unusual patterns of symptoms and clinical tests that could represent illness. Flagging events of significance in a timely manner supports an effective public health response and management of infectious agents.
  • Staff Augmentation Support: Health Catalyst is offering this service in response to requests from health organization partners to utilize our team members as additional trained analytics, data science, and domain-expert staff members to respond to increased demands due to COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Registry: Health Catalyst designed the registry to identify three patient populations of interest, including patients at risk in the community for adverse outcomes (ventilation or death) if infected; suspected COVID-19 patients; and confirmed COVID-19 patients.
  • COVID-19 Dashboard: Built on the Health Catalyst Leading Wisely application, this dashboard enables health systems to track all the critical metrics associated with the pandemic in one place in their settings. We’ll deliver a prototype of this solution by late next week.
  • Capacity Planning Tool: Built on industry-leading work out of the University of Pennsylvania, this tool enables health systems to perform scenario-planning to understand and forecast local COVID-19 demand and manage hospital capacity, equipment, and resource constraints (free of charge to any health system).
  • Financial Impact Planning and Analysis Resources: An advanced set of COVID-19 financial impact capabilities is under development to assist with managing and overcoming current and post-COVID financial challenges.

Staff Augmentation
Analytics, data science, and domain-expert staff members

  • Leverage Health Catalyst team members as an extension of our clients’ teams—trained analytics, data science, and domainexpert staff members are ready to support them in their response to COVID-19.
  • Staff Augmentation Support: Additional services are offered to all Health Catalyst clients at a discounted rate through the end of 2020.

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