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InterSystems's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Data platform technology
Alerts for COVID-19 related triggers as well as additional COVID-19 related responses

InterSystems data platform technology is playing a key role in several COVID-19 related responses. The company’s partner DHC, which uses InterSystems data platform as the basis for its medical technology solutions, has been tapped as the technology provider for the temporary hospital in the Wuhan region in China. Our InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform is also being used by customers including Franciscan Health and Atlantic Health, to trigger alerts for clinicians of high-risk patients or the availability of test results. The company has also provided its iKnow Natural Language Processing tool as open source and has configured an explorer tool to enable users to search the full Covid-19 Open Research Dataset using NLP. As a sponsor of the MIT COVID-19 challenge, InterSystems is providing FHIR Resources, an API Connector, a trial version of its InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform, and video tutorials free of charge to all participants.

HealthShare Health Insight
Analytics platform for insights, tracking, and modeling; customer assistance with alerting and dashboard configurations

InterSystems has assisted numerous customers with rapid configuration of its HealthShare Health Insight analytics platform for insights, tracking, and modeling, as well as assisting customers with alerting and dashboard configurations. HealthShare will also be used by several European customers as they build temporary field hospitals to unify the care records between them and the regional hospitals they will support. It is also being used by several U.S. RHIOs, HIEs, and health data networks as they provide the connections, models, dashboards, alerts, and analytics to better respond to and understand the scope of the crisis.

Digital screening and intake management solution for COVID-19

InterSystems has released global functionality for its TrakCare unified healthcare information system to screen and support patients with COVID-19. The functionality is available to all users of the latest editions of TrakCare, and customers around the world have begun using it. The functionality allows clinicians to screen patients for COVID-19 using World Health Organization guidance and a link to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering’s global cases tracking app. Furthermore, InterSystems’ staff has diligently worked to help our customer Gemelli Hospital in Rome configure TrakCare at a temporary COVID-19 hospital in the Lazio region in just 7 days, to bring TrakCare live at Amcare's Women's and Children's Hospital's Baodao campus in Beijing during the height of the epidemic, and to provide rapid integrations between TrakCare Lab Enterprise and new PCR machines being brought online in Sydney.

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