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Agfa HealthCare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Enterprise Imaging
Point-of-care image acquisition, zero-footprint diagnostic viewing, and physician/radiologist collaboration and communication

As COVID-19 spreads globally, there is growing demand for diagnostic imaging services to aid screening, detection, and follow-up management. While CT is being used as a diagnostic tool, chest x-rays and bedside ultrasounds are gaining significance in helping to make the decision of whether a patient needs to be admitted or sent home. When it comes to supporting the needs of care providers, Enterprise Imaging’s modular platform enables the following use cases:

  • Point-of-care image acquisition: This was designed to not only support vendor agnostic standards based on diagnostic imaging workflows but also the evolving demand associated with point-of-care image acquisition and ultrasounds. Bedside ultrasounds are being recommended to identify patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. Our solution intelligently indexes these images within their clinical and patient context.
  • Patient-centered, zero-footprint diagnostic viewing: The 510(k) cleared, zero-footprint, full fidelity view functionality provides diagnostic, quality image displays by retrieving original-quality renditions of stored digital x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed radiography, and ultrasound images. The patient-centric, interactive timeline makes image viewing very intuitive. That offers a big leap forward in understanding the patients’ story with its thumbnailenabled, study-by-study, unified view of all patients’ images and reports.
  • Secure cross-platform communication and collaboration: The zero-footprint viewer enables collaboration inside and outside the hospital as chat and communication tools let physicians and radiologists look at the same image while communicating securely in real time.
  • Fast deployment: Agfa HealthCare customers do not require fat clients. The zero-footprint universal viewer is web enabled, mobile accessible, and, if needed, can also be deployed as an option on top of non-Agfa PACS to expand the scope of collaboration to multiple sites or regions without data migration.

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