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Sectra's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Sectra Education Portal
Education resource for organizations to store and share lectures/findings

Sectra’s cloud-based medical education portal enables studies to continue during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sectra Education Portal is a cloud-based service with which educational institutions can store their own lectures based on clinical cases as well as access cases from other connected institutions. Cases are thereby readily available for both the teachers and the students and accessible from several different devices, including large interactive touch screens, laptops, tablets, or other touch devices. These devices can be used from anywhere. At the Sapienza University of Rome, the cloud portal will be used to allow medical students to continue to follow the syllabus in anatomy and prepare for the planned examinations at the end of the semester. The portal provides them with access to course material, including resources like CT and histopathological images from clinical patient cases.

The Sapienza University of Rome is now using the digital teaching platform from Sectra to continue its doctor training remotely. This means that students can continue to receive a high-quality and interactive education despite the limitations brought about by the closing of educational institutions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sectra Education Portal is an interactive learning and teaching platform that uses real-life anatomy and clinical cases to develop critical thinking in medical education and training. By connecting to the cloud-based sharing portal, teachers, tutors, residents, and students have access to an extensive library of medical cases, providing them with a wide variety of clinical content they can visualize and modify. Through Sectra’s collaborative network, you and your institution can share cases and knowledge with other Sectra users from around the world. Sectra Education Portal ties in normal anatomy, pathology, trauma, orthopedics, histology, oncology, surgery, and other specialties, grounding medical education in actual clinical situations and revealing the central role radiology and histology play throughout the patient pathway.

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