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Infor's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Critical Item Dashboards
Dashboards to track human capital, financial performance, and supply chain

As a leading provider of ERP solutions, Infor is well aware of the challenges healthcare providers face concerning information visibility and inventory intelligence. Critical supplies, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), needed by clinical staff for diagnosing, testing, and treating coronavirus patients are causing shortages. Infor is working to deliver prebuilt dashboards for monitoring critical supply items.

These dashboards will help hospitals gain faster insight into crucial supply inventory levels, orders, and allocations. The report will allow the supply chain team to monitor supply availability, levels, and trends throughout the day. The dashboard will also allow for streamlined reporting that can be exported to provide updates to hospital leadership, command center teams, and local, state, and government preparedness programs. We have designed dashboards that provide multiple views and insight into stock status levels of items that are flagged as critical to operations and need to be monitored.

The three dashboards we have created are: Critical Item Supply, Critical Item Inventory usage, and Critical Item PAR usage.

The dashboards can be delivered to Infor clients with Birst Enterprise and Birst for CloudSuite. Infor is currently investigating whether this can be made available more broadly.

Cost Tracking for Covid-19
Track all expenditures associated with COVID-19 against a single, nonbillable posting level project record

As a leading provider of ERP solutions, Infor is well aware of the financial challenge’s healthcare providers are and will be facing regarding the unprecedented clinical demand and the associated staffing, operational, and supply chain expenditures. For multiple reasons (including potential FEMA reimbursement), there is a growing need for healthcare providers to be able to track all costs associated with COVID-19.

Infor’s guidance is to leverage existing functionality to create a single, nonbillable posting level project record. The proposed solution will allow all expenditures associated with COVID-19 to be immediately tracked against that project or activity. Other setup information, such as Project Contract, Billing Method, Funding Sources, Capitalized Costs, and Cost Allocations details, can be completed up front. However, since this level of detail may not initially be known, things can be easily completed when the necessary information and time is available with no adverse impact.

RTLS Crisis Response Kit
Contact tracing for spaces and for previously nontracked patients, staff, and equipment within those spaces

Many Infor location-based intelligence deployments include infection control track and trace reporting, previously used to support CDC outbreak data requests. These customers are surging capacity for COVID-19 isolation with new locations. Infor is providing a Crisis Response Kit that can be rapidly deployed to enable accurate automatic contact tracing for added spaces and previously nontracked patients, staff, and equipment within those spaces.

The kit contains preconfigured new-location beacons and RTLS locating badges that can be activated and issued to hospital staff and patients or attached to mobile equipment. The kit may be rapidly deployed using the preconfigured generic default settings or easily modified to meet specific customer needs.

The location and interactions of each RTLS badged entity will be automatically followed. Should any badged entity later be determined to be positive for the infectious agent, an infectious control report may be generated within minutes to identify all contacts for a comprehensive primary and secondary contact tracing. This information allows your infection control teams to rapidly identify and quarantine/treat potentially infectious individuals to suppress the possible spread of the infection to other staff and patients.

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