MEDITECH's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Expanse Ambulatory and the Patient Portal
Clinical decision support, virtual visits, COVID-19workflows, and other resources for customers

MEDITECH is sharing best practice workflow guides and configuration instructions for patients under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 to ensure care teams continue to have the proper coronavirus screening procedures in place. They are also offering complimentary deployment of their Scheduled Virtual Visits software capabilities, free of charge for a six-month period to all customers LIVE with Expanse Ambulatory and the Patient Portal. Virtual visits can help providers practice social distancing by screening and treating patients remotely, directing them to the safest and most appropriate testing location, and mitigating exposure to other patients.

A website landing page has been created to provide customer stories, FAQs, guidance, and any announcements that we would like to get out to the customer base. We will also be sharing information on what our partners are making available or announcements that they may have on our website. A newsletter with information is being sent to our customer and vendor contacts.

MEDITECH has also reached out to MUSE (MEDITECH’s User Group) and provided support for MUSE JAM sessions and MUSE ED sessions to allow our customers to network and exchange ideas around processes and areas of need for additional education or support.

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