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CynergisTek's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Incident Response Program and Ransomware Playbook Preparedness
Services to support the testing, review, and improvement of incident response practices

Malicious attackers have been crafting new approaches built around the pandemic for attacking end users. This could include anything from emails providing information on a new shipment of toilet paper to text messages from the CDC asking for donations.

Of course, this increase in attacks also increases the probability of a compromise, which will result in an organization implementing its incident response (IR) plan. Often, organizations do not get to spend enough time really testing and revising their plan to account for the changing threat landscape. Maybe they have a playbook to address business email compromise, but it does not really apply well to a ransomware attack or vice versa.

CynergisTek provides services to support the testing, reviewing, and improvement of IR practices. This includes assessments to determine gaps or identify areas of concern, development to support building and documenting strong methodologies, and testing to run personnel through realistic attack simulations. Additionally, CynergisTek can support the more detailed review and development of playbooks designed to support an organization in responding to and recovering from specific attack scenarios such as ransomware.

Cybersecurity Teleworking Best Practices
Cybersecurity consulting services to support the implementation of teleworking best practices

Due to an increased remote workforce, organizations need to be prepared to assess and mitigate changes in risk where applicable. By using information published by the Joint Cybersecurity Working Group (JCWG) of the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC), CynergisTek can provide expert guidance and consulting services to support an organization in determining whether it has appropriately implemented best practices in support of this changing work environment. This includes detailed assessments of applicable policies and process documentation, review of technical configurations and audit reports, and discussion around remediation strategies or options.

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