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Medallia's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Various COVID-19 resources
Text analytics solution and employee collaboration platform

Medallia is helping existing clients communicate, interact, manage workflows, and uncover blind spots so they can make better decisions and support their patients and community. We are also offering a free 90-day trial to non-customer healthcare organizations. Please note, these solutions can all be deployed within hours, not weeks or months.

Text Analytics Solution

Medallia Text Analytics Coronavirus and Employee Experience Topic Sets help keep up with rapidly changing developments of the coronavirus epidemic. It analyzes signals related to the outbreak, including the impact of policy and business changes or the move from in-person to virtual servicing and engagement.

Text Analytics with the coronavirus topic group provides:

  • Text Analytics - topic for common coronavirus modules for ad-hoc reporting
  • Theme Explorer - discover themes originating in coronavirus verbatims
  • Read Comments - read comments that mention coronavirus to identify pain points and trends
  • Segments - identify most affected segments when looking at the coronavirus topic
  • Ranker - identify most affected locations & regions within your hierarchy when referring to coronavirus

Ideation & Crowdsourcing Innovation Solution

Given the unprecedented nature of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we believe leveraging the collective wisdom of your employees and customers will allow you to innovate and more quickly adapt. Crowdicity mobilizes your employees to collaboratively share and find solutions to the issues customers are facing. Many of our clients have engaged their employees to crowdsource ideas for supporting customers and employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are a few examples of ideas that are being collected right now.

  • How to better support customers (based on specific concerns employees have heard)
  • How to adjust tasks/processes to be performed remotely
  • Work-from-home tips
  • Ways for employees to help impacted teammates

Digital Listening Solution

Medallia Digital helps listen to customers on your digital channels and rapidly respond to their needs. It also helps identify behavioral themes and patterns across digital journeys and provide real-time insights to optimize conversions. Medallia Digital is already being put to use to inform business strategies during this pandemic. Surveys strategically placed on frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages are helping organizations add and tailor content to help. These same survey types have also been helping location-based organizations who remain open understand those in-person experiences and operations via an online form potentially faster than other forms of communication. Our customers have placed sensitively positioned intercepts along key pathways to prioritize impactful improvements of content, product, and infrastructure to ensure all online experiences are able to meet customer expectations.

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