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Ambient Clinical Analytics's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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AWARE platform
Expansion of ICU capabilities to all beds in the hospital giving providers situational awareness through real-time point-of-care access to vital process-of-care information and analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics’ AWARE family of platforms is available today to create local ICU extensions & Tele-ICU environments to address the surge of COVID-19 ICU demand in all hospital beds. Ambient Clinical Analytics is deploying these solutions to fight COVID-19. We use licensed Mayo Clinic technologies, including 1,200 clinically vetted rules and algorithms giving providers situational awareness through real-time point-of-care access to vital process-of-care information and analytics. While health systems are scrambling to acquire ventilators and PPE, we are preparing health systems for what follows: the surge of patients.

Ambient Clinical Analytics’ AWARE platform is designed to:

  • Permit your ICU resources to monitor and manage every bed in the hospital like it’s an ICU bed
  • Expand your ICU capabilities to all beds in your hospital, increasing your capacity to deal with COVID-19
  • Yield a virtual 10-fold increase of ICU bed capability, if deployed across the U.S.
  • To reduce ICU LOS by 50% and General Inpatient LOS by 38%
  • Bring clinicians to the bedside, no matter where the patients are located
  • Give all physicians and nurses the ability to see through the eyes of an ICU specialist

Ambient Clinical Analytics can help you utilize a remote web model to get your health systems up and running quickly for the treatment of COVID-19, and then over the following weeks, move to a model that incorporates a larger data set making our solution a key tool for battling COVID-19. We deliver vetted clinical intelligence enabling a guided practice approach with added focused content for COVID-19 and create the ability for you to track patients from the moment they enter your environment all the way to discharge.

The AWARE platform allows for:

  • Ability for providers to effectively monitor all beds
  • Identifying confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients
  • Providing MEWS scoring to track patient deterioration
  • Sepsis alert, bundle delivery, and management of deterioration from septic shock events associated with COVID-19
  • Understanding of the total patient condition
  • Knowing when to admit and driving escalation of care within a hospital, from admission to discharge