Anelto Health

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Anelto Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Remote Care

Keep patients and caregivers connected with voice-centric communication and a unique, secure, two-way cellular console

Anelto has redefined remote patient monitoring, allowing clinicians to engage their senior patient population and high-risk patients with an easy to set up and use solution. Anelto Remote Care keeps patients and caregivers connected with a unique two-way, secure, cellular console, and voice-centric communication. Monitoring patient vital signs outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or remote areas, increases patient access to care and minimizes the risk of exposure to contagions by reducing visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals. Anelto Remote Care removes complexities, making it easy for at-risk seniors to proactively manage their own health. The voice-centric communication delivers advice, puts patients at ease, and encourages them to take their daily vital sign measurements.

By collecting data and securely transmitting that information daily, providers can proactively engage their patients, monitor critical vital signs, and intervene on a timely basis while reducing operational costs. Anelto Remote Care scan be bundled with proven clinical services and a call center to deliver a turnkey remote patient monitoring solution.

anelto remote care capabilities diagramThe time to enhance your patient engagement strategy and get started with remote patient monitoring is now. Provide timely and expanded care, reduce hospital admissions and ER visits, improve patient outcomes, and generate additional reimbursements with Anelto's end-to-end Remote Care Solution.

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