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HSi's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Consulting and project management
Project management, wireless infrastructure consulting, and Epic healthcare information and analytics

As a 25-year virtual organization, HSi’s resources have been set up for remote work since their first day on the job. Areas where HSi can be of immediate assistance to health systems include:

  • Clinical Project Management/Implementation: HSi can simplify the language and eliminate the need for translation in clinical projects. HSi’s available senior project managers are all RNs. Our team of resources can help organizations rapidly implement new solutions, realign clinical care efforts, and decrease physical interaction while allowing providers to continue to provide quality healthcare to their patients.
  • In-Building Cellular/Wireless Services: The cellular and wireless communication infrastructure within an organization must operate without fail in times of emergency. Dead spots and inconsistent signal strength can create barriers for an organization if not adequately addressed. Our In-Building Cellular & Wireless Services can help close the gap by identifying additional infrastructure requirements needed to better support existing and new technologies. By reducing instability in this key infrastructure, it can provide uninterrupted care coordination between providers, patients, and families, which reduces time in treating patients and improves communication with all those directly involved with patient care.
  • Healthcare Information and Analytics: Whether it be dashboard development, data extraction, or anything in between, HSi can deliver high-quality reporting on short notice for either revenue cycle or clinical needs. With a robust team, HSi’s healthcare information and analytics resources are experienced in not only gathering Epic data but also putting it into use quickly for organizations. Set up as a remote resource pool for the last 10+ years, our approach allows organizations to flex up or down based on demands while staying within their planned budgets and not needing to commit to many full-time resources.

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