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Ingenious Med's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Revenue cycle services
Free additional provider licenses and multiple pandemic-management enhancements

As patient volumes and care delivery needs grow, hospitals and providers must scale appropriately. Maintaining workflow efficiency and revenue integrity will require a wider range of care team members to access our platform. That’s why we are now allowing our customers to add provider licenses free of charge through September 30, 2020. At that time, they can keep those licenses under their current contract terms or remove the additional licenses at no charge.

Ingenious Med has also fast-tracked multiple pandemic-management enhancements to help our customers address the COVID-19 crisis more effectively:

  • New CMS COVID-19 coding. We added the recently released U07.1 COVID-19 code to our platform on March 26, 2020.
  • Telemedicine billing. More providers are taking advantage of relaxed telemedicine regulations to quickly limit viral exposure and extend coverage to understaffed facilities. We deployed the 95 telemedicine modifier so customers can track and bill virtual encounters accurately.
  • COVID-19 and telemedicine superbills. Our updated superbills make it easy for providers to find and designate the appropriate codes.
  • Optional patient flags. If administrators enable them, providers can add COVID-19 positive or suspected flags to identify patients quickly and easily.
  • Teams for cohorting. We have several options for limiting exposure to healthcare workers through identifying distinct COVID-19 teams and assigning patients to them.
  • Reporting and dashboards. Our automated daily reports with dashboards provide COVID-19 patient list status and trends to monitor their progress and the required treatment resources.

Finally, we implemented accelerated new-user training and additional resources so more providers can use all our tools and reporting more quickly and effectively.

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