Lifeguard Health Networks


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Lifeguard Health Networks's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Virtual care monitoring and triage

Lifeguard Health Networks is a leading SaaS provider of digital health solutions for hospital networks, outpatient clinics, and managed care organizations requiring Remote Patient Surveillance and Clinical Triage of “atrisk” patients in their homes.

The LifeguardRx® solution provides a digital bridge between the hospital and the home eliminating the “information gap” that exists between healthcare providers and their clinically acute patients. The LifeguardRx® solution enables healthcare teams to track critical patient reported outcome (ePRO) measures in real-time from the home such as symptoms and side effects, vital measures, and medication adherence. Lifeguard’s virtual triage network (VTN) enables medical personnel to be alerted when patient self-reported measures are outside of acceptable safety thresholds and clinical intervention is necessary.

Lifeguardrx moving beyond day one

Patient Surveillance in the Home – provides the patient and authorized athome caregivers access to relevant patient care information and condition related content supporting patient self-reporting and integrated outpatient care.

Triage & Clinical Intervention – enables a clinical team to provision a digital surveillance plan (ex. COVID-19) that supports virtual surveillance and triage of patients in the home. Bi-directional communications streamline health coordination amongst the patient, family caregivers, and the extended provider team.

Continuity of Clinical Operations – supports mobile and/or dis-located clinical staff working remotely to monitor and triage “at risk” COVID-19 patients quarantined in their homes. The solution creates a virtual “service desk” enabling an unlimited number of organizational resources to work collaboratively on a dynamic “patient queue”.

Solution Features

  • Rich, Mobile Clients and Web Experience
  • Dynamic Language Localization
  • Therapy Based “Plan of Action” – Example: COVID-19
    • Medication Reminders & Alerts
    • Vitals & Symptoms Tracking
    • History & Trends Reporting
  • Virtual Triage Support Desk (Mobile & Web Based Clinical Dashboards)
  • Secure Video Conferencing & Chat
  • Exception-based Clinical Escalations and Triage Support
  • Population Reporting & Realtime Analytics

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