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SDOH Referral Networks 2021

SDOH Referral Networks 2021
A First Look At Connecting Providers With Community Resources

March 30, 2021 | Read Time: 7  minutes

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Adoption of technology to help provider organizations manage SDOH referrals is still early, but interest is growing as organizations seek to take on more value-based reimbursement risk. This report provides a first look at customer satisfaction with various SDOH referral network solutions and examines the parts of the SDOH referral process in which these solutions are being used. All measured vendors in this early market have overall scores above 90 (out of 100), indicating high overall satisfaction. Shifts in satisfaction are possible as the market matures and the number of KLAS ratings increases.

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Key Findings:

  1. Industry Insights
  2. Customer Experience Insights
  3. Cross-Industry Experience of Aunt Bertha and Unite Us Drives Adoption and Outcomes
  4. Delivery of New Technology: Aunt Bertha Updates Are Timely & Tailored to Customer Requests
  5. Product Functionality: NowPow Customers Seek Better Analytics
  6. Integration: Early Signify Health Customers Report Strong EMR Interfacing
  7. Aunt Bertha, NowPow, Signify Health, and Unite Us Adopted for a Large Majority of SDOH Capabilities
  8. Vendor Bottom Lines
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