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Clinithink's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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CLiX Unlock
Repository of patient data for identifying high-risk individuals and social factors patients may face

Detailed information on symptoms, comorbidities, and social factors are very important in determining overall risk. This information is usually carefully recorded in EMRs by clinical staff even when patient encounters are completed via telehealth, as now recommended for symptomatic patients. Unfortunately, much of this vital information is in narrative form as free text. It is not coded and therefore not available for analysis. Instead, precious clinical time is needed to manually review charts and look for signals.

Clinithink’s AI solution, CLiX unlock, can recover information from narrative free text data and deliver critical insights supporting the following:

  • Specific identification of those most at risk of severe or fatal COVID-19 infection, enabling proactive intervention to reduce risk
  • Collection of ongoing symptomatic and comorbidity data to better inform the understanding of the outbreak as it evolves
  • Creation of decision trees to support overwhelmed clinical teams, many of which will be operating beyond their skills and knowledge during the peak phase

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