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DXC Technology's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Citizen-Driven COVID-19 Management
Prepare citizens and healthcare teams to respond to the pandemic

DXC Technology, a leading global provider of software and services, is closely collaborating with Dedalus, a European leader in healthcare IT, to bring this proven solution from Italy to other countries and regions. CDCM, based on lessons learned in Italy, is available now to prepare citizens and healthcare teams to respond to the rapidly evolving pandemic.

  • CDCM is prepackaged, easily configurable, and deployable in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Includes an intuitive web application with a ready-to-use workflow and clinical questionnaires
  • Allows easy authentication and verification of patients, avoiding complex integration efforts and potential bottlenecks, while alleviating growing demand on call centers

Working with telecommunication providers, text messages can be sent to citizens that link to a web app where they can log in, register, and verify their identity. Users can then register themselves and other family members.

The web app enables several key functions to help citizens and healthcare systems identify and cope with the various health scenarios resulting from COVID-19:

  • Authenticate and verify new user's identity
  • Accelerate app-based data capture from citizens, including symptoms, risk factors, location, health status, or suspected COVID-19 cases, along with changes over time
  • Evaluate epidemiological questionnaires based on WHO guidance. Questionnaires are continuously updated with latest guidance
  • Aggregate and share insights, which are easily analyzed by authorized healthcare experts to prompt the necessary response and action
  • Calculate and classify population risk to support critical-care planning
  • Track the evolution of symptoms over time for individuals or groups
  • Real-time forecasting of demand by geographic location
  • Aggregate pertinent information in dashboards, provide data insights to command centers, and help to anticipate needs
  • Provide a reliable source of up-to-date information and FAQs for public education

COVID-19 Digital Worker
Relieve demand on healthcare call centers by deflecting inbound voice traffic to cognitive digital workers

DXC Technology offers COVID-19 Digital Worker to help relieve demand on healthcare call centers by deflecting inbound voice traffic to cognitive Digital Workers. This ground-breaking technology provides agile self-service to help free up the capacity of healthcare professionals to handle critical cases.

The COVID-19 Digital Worker:

  • Supports 24/7 public engagement
  • Provides self-service diagnostic Q&A that automatically deflects to a human agent when triggered by a critical event
  • Offers COVID-19-preconfigured content
  • Enables easy access to information
  • Triggers actions for follow-up via text, email, and live chat
  • Drives case creation and management; links to care and case-management systems for updates
  • Reports results of analytics in real-time via 3D visualization
  • Connects VPC to DXC Technology’s secure, compliant cloud infrastructure
  • Deflects calls to increase the capacity of healthcare professionals

The solution is a mature offering that can be implemented in days (not weeks). It includes natural language processing (NLP), an AI engine, content matching (semantic), and preconfigured intent libraries. It answers questions, resolves issues, and provides seamless interactions across all channels. The solution enables conversations to move seamlessly between devices.

IT Modernization Support for COVID-19
Add capacity to existing IT environments and provide skills and expertise to manage mission-critical operations

DXC Technology can help by offering flexible capacity and proven skills to support your business-critical systems. This is offered through a combination of services, techniques, and tools.

DXC Technology can rapidly meet demands for additional IT resources. For example, to expand network capabilities, DXC Technology can provide resources to support large, geographically distributed and remote workforces while maintaining quality and security with reliable managed WAN services.

For those requiring fast additional compute capability, DXC Technology has professional services on hand to deliver remote capacity upgrades for systems operating in public clouds, and, where it is safe to do so, we can provide on-site resources in data centers. DXC Technology can provide extra support to manage applications across the major application platforms and have teams on hand to provide additional call center capacity. DXC Technology partners with Dell and HPE to provide additional hardware or upgrades.

Disaster Recovery as a Service maintains a full replica of all data and applications. This can serve as a secondary infrastructure and function as the new business environment while primary systems are being repaired. The switchover can happen quickly, minimizing the impact of a disaster.

Storage as a Service can replace a fixed-capacity storage environment with a flexible, scalable solution that offers continuous improvement. Backup as a Service eliminates the need for tape backup, provides a centralized and scalable solution for critical and noncritical data, and ensures that the latest data protection technologies are deployed.

Remote Workplace Support for COVID-19
Pre-integrated solutions and on-demand services to maintain business continuity with remote staff

DXC Technology’s pre-integrated solutions and on-demand services deliver the business continuity needed to keep your organization running when it is difficult or impossible for staff to travel or go into work. Services include device management, collaboration, user support, and security.

DXC Technology can rapidly and economically deploy, enhance, or scale remote worker solutions that will help maintain productivity. These pre-integrated, preconfigured solutions include:

Modern Device Management

Enable staff to remotely access enterprise data and applications with preprovisioned devices and security. Devices can be virtual or physical and either corporate-owned or BYOD.

  • DXC Virtual Desktop and Applications (VDA) solutions can be deployed to thousands of users in just a few days. DXC Technology’s solutions meet high-security, high-performance requirements, are easy to deploy, and allow you to use existing devices, including PCs, Macs, and tablets. To use corporate-owned physical devices, DXC Technology provides Desktop as a Service (DaaS), where DXC Technology directly ship PCs with self-service onboarding, since remote workers will not have on-site tech support. Preconfigured collaboration and security software can be included.
  • DXC Technology supports native BYOD devices with segregated containers that help ensure data protection.

Intelligent Collaboration

True, productive remote working is only possible with strong communications and collaboration capabilities. To get started, employees need access to broadband internet services and licenses for Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, or Cisco Webex. DXC Technology can provide rapid license activation and Office 365 upgrades to extend the number of users and available features. DXC Technology also offers change management to help employees learn the basics of remote communication and take advantage of new collaboration tools.

Digital Support Services

To support newly remote employees, DXC Technology provides immediate additional capacity and personnel. These leverage DXC Technology’s global service desk centers with 24/7 support available in 56 languages.

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