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A Digital Fax Addendum 2020 A Digital Fax Addendum 2020
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A Digital Fax Addendum 2020

author - Adam Cherrington
Adam Cherrington
author - Sam Eaquinto
Sam Eaquinto
November 20, 2020 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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In early 2020, KLAS published our first look at digital fax solutions. That report examined satisfaction feedback from the most advanced users of four digital fax solutions. Data for several other vendors, including Updox, was too limited to be shared at that time. However, additional advanced Updox customers have since been interviewed, and this addendum examines their customer experience.

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Measuring What Is Possible: Digital Fax Maturity Framework

Major interoperability challenges could be eliminated if patient records, images, and medication orders could be faxed digitally from one EMR and then extracted and incorporated discretely into the (different) EMR of the receiving organization. The technology to do this sort of EMR-to-EMR transfer exists and in some cases is being used, but it is not universal. The ideal of data flowing from one system to another seamlessly, discretely, and securely is possible.

The chart below—from the earlier report—outlines a maturity framework KLAS created to help describe the current state of digital faxing. It shows where measured vendors’ most advanced interviewed customers are on a spectrum from least to most advanced. While Updox has been added to the framework, data for the other vendors has not been changed. For more on the performance of other digital fax vendors, the best practices recommended by successful organizations, and potential benefits of the technology, see the full report.

digital fax maturity frameworkpotential benefits of digital fax

author - Madison Moniz
Madison Moniz
author - Joshua Jensen
Project Manager
Joshua Jensen
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