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Device Types  

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Schafer Jackson
Research & Sales Director
KLAS Research & Sales Director - Schafer Jackson



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Regional Classification
Component Products
Superseded Products
Not Primary Products
Data Review
Limited Market Share
Emerging Technology
Data frozen, live data no longer collected.

The following exceptions refer to the number of unique organizations contributing evaluations to the overall score (minimum of 15 required).

Device Types

# of Unique Organization Evaluations:

0 - 5
6 - 14

Reducing Filters

Unlike sizing filters, reducing filters DO NOT recalculate scores based on the evaluations that meet these requirements. They narrow the list of solutions to show the vendors and solutions that can meet a specific need.

This data is based on interviews with a sample of the firms' recent clients. As a result, it is not necessarily comprehensive of all work a firm may do in this segment.

We require a minimum of 2 confirmations of a service performed in the last 3 years for a solution to qualify.

Market Energy

This is an indication of the relative considerations of Market Energy within the shown products from the

Decision Insights KLAS Data

Market Energy Levels:

Low Market Energy
Medium Market Energy
High Market Energy
Not Enough Data