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Closed-Loop Medication Management Solutions Report 2005

Closed-Loop Medication Management Solutions Report 2005

January 2, 2006

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This report provides a snapshot of today’s vendors with products supporting steps in the closed-loop medication management process (order entry, fulfillment, dispensing, administration).

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Performance measurements are provided for products in the areas of Medication Administration BPOC (Barcode Point of Care) and Medication Dispensing.

Early data is provided on products not yet qualifiying for main body reporting as well as supportive product information and product comparisons in the areas of Acute CDR Orders & Charting and Pharmacy.

A total of 24 vendors in support of various steps in the medication management process are featured in the report: 10 acute care CDR orders & charting, 11 pharmacy, 5 medication administration, 7 medication dispensing. In addition, an “early data” section provides information (as available) on twelve additional vendor products.

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