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ALERT's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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ALERT Online

Online COVID-19 report dashboard and tools

ALERT launched an online set of COVID-19 tools to monitor the pandemic.

  1. An online dashboard with per country analysis of the available data in terms of incidence and mortality rate, rapid growth or pandemic control subgrouping of specific sets of countries, and highlighting data insights gathered from continuous data monitoring.
  2. Governance measures of the pandemic adopted by different countries put together to facilitate an understanding of what each country is doing and the impact of the different measures in the evolution of the situation. This information is currently being integrated with the graphical representation of the discrete data available for each country on the above-mentioned dashboard.
  3. Digital approaches to the pandemic by each country.
  4. Pandemic Diary to portray day-to-day experiences during the pandemic.
  5. Data per country on ventilators and ICU beds allocated to COVID-19: current capacity, future capacity, forecast on number of days until full capacity will be reached, assumptions and assumptions history.
  6. Therapy protocolled for COVID-19 per country. This is perhaps the most ambitious project of all, as it will try to correlate therapeutic approaches with outcomes and also with an interpretation of all available data.

The first four tools are online, COVID-19 Ventilators and ICU beds and COVID-19 Therapy tool is expected to go live within days. Data from additional countries is being added on a regular basis. Mobile Apps for the same purpose are also being tested for launch.

ALERT is making this effort in an attempt to make a contribution to pandemic control – for example by raising awareness in the Western world to the importance of face masks –, to promote two of its products – the ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM and ALERT® HOME CARE WITH VIDEOCONFERENCING – and prepare the online launch of its entire clinical software stack (professional line for hospitals, primary care centers and clinics, health information exchange, personal health record and citizen-oriented applications) as ALERT® ONLINE at

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